View Full Version : mis - QB and butterfingers

09-26-2005, 11:26 AM
Our offense is pathetic! Meadows and Whinghter should have some special education this week if they must play next week.

1. I'm not sure there is any hope for Meadows. Speaking purely about his football abilities without knowing the kid personally...I can't understand why he starts...even plays. He can't run, think clearly...or see clearly one...and darn sure can't throw. Have any of our coaches ever heard of target practice? We could start with standing inside the gymnasium and having him see if he can hit a wall...any one of the 4. I can't imagine our kickers being any worse at quarterback and certainly they could run around in the backfield better. Hell, put Olmstead in there...he's at least athletic! If we continue to start Meadows we may not see another W this year unless we do a charity game with Chuck High across the street!

2. Whinghter...there's an obvious place to start with this young man. He needs to be hazed hard. First, we need to put him in the center of the star drill for 1 hour every day and let the LB's and DE's pound his butt for a while...with a ball in each arm. He needs to sleep, eat, shower, and generally make love to a football for 6 days straight and maybe learn how to stay in constant contact with it. Duct tape it to him for a week if necessary. This kid has great potential...why can't he concentrate enough to take a hard hit and hold the ball? This is college football. You're gonna get pounded. Hold on to the ball anyway...at all costs. Otherwise, go play tennis!