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01-05-2012, 07:16 PM
Very quiet on here... Anyone going to the game? Time to end that 3 game skid.

:eatdrink004:Go Trojans!:eatdrink004:

Hemi Man
01-05-2012, 11:17 PM
Just left the game. MTSU is a very good defensive team.

Enjoy Troy
01-06-2012, 01:10 AM
Just got home from the game. I must admit I got a bit frustrated watching because you can see that this team has the potential to be better than the record indicates. I really don't like to singe out players but here is what I came away with. This team and previous teams love the 3 ball but no one wants to consistantly do the blue collar work. I watched Wright get inside and get several baskets against bigger players. My thoughts are in JUCO this is where he made a living. I would love to see more of that because that is where he is most effective. Weathers did not play with the fire or aggresieness I am accustomed to seeing from him either his ankle is limiting his effectiveness or he is tired from too many minutes. He has to look for his shot more. Defensively we fall asleep on the weak side of the zone. Scott and Wright have to stay low and keep opponents out of the paint on weak side and stop staring at the ball. Everyone needs to rebound and not rest when the ball hits the floor especially the guards. MTSU is not invinsible but they are physical. We should have keep attacking in the first half when we were in the bonus. The season is far from over. I hope the team comes together and become blue collar enough to put together a run and get hot at the right time. We need the shooters to shoot better the bigger players to play bigger and get some second shots and control our boards. Loved the man to man, that's when we made a run but turnovers stimmed the momentum. Good luck to the team on the road, let's get our first Win in conference at WKU. Go Trojans!