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09-25-2005, 12:11 AM
Fellow Trojans,
We needed this win as a confidence builder going into the N. Texas game. I'm embarrased and dissapointed. I feel sorry for the fans that drove a long way for this. I live 45 mins from William Brice stadium so it wasn't too bad except for the Carolina fans who drove pass me holding up a loser sign. I blame LB-MF and the rest of the coaching staff. No excuse. When you make the leap to D-1A so must your coaching rise to the occassion. We need DEPTH. Our starters are just plain horrible. There is a reason why Meadows was never our starter until this season. He and Leak are the worst two QBs I've seen at this level. Absolutely zero mobility and horrible decision making. We have no line to even start a spark. I hate to sound so pessimistic but reality is reality. N. Texas is going to stomp us good on national TV. We need to start some of those new signees and walk-ons. It couldn't get any worst! One good thing about last night was our fans. Great meeting some of you. We held our own even when that jack ass fan shouted Troy sucks! Let's keep our fingers cross for the N Texas game.

Trojan Force :evil:

09-25-2005, 01:17 AM
I can see how the coaches had good things to say for Meadows. He does look good at times (the TD drive). But the errors, bad passes and sacks (many not his fault) are just too much. he cannot help us with a running game (no option), which really limits us in games like this.

Tell us about the atmosphere, Troy crowd (any pep band?), tailgating, etc.

North Texas was crushed. MTSU got beaten. Maybe they are worse than us?

Maybe Arkansas State is the cream of the SunBelt? God forbid.

09-25-2005, 06:44 PM
Hey BM,
Didn't see but two Troy fans from where I was tail gating. There was a good showing of cardinal and black in the Troy section. Our cheerleaders were awesome as usual. We were able to muster up a few good Trojan chants. We didn't deserve what happened on the field and we all stayed till 0:00 on the clock to support our Trojans. I love this team and I want them to get better. Our two impressive drives were just that--impressive. If we can build on that and eat up some clock, we can give our tired defense a much needed rest. If you're are going to the N. Texas game, give em hell. I'll be watching on ESPN 2.

Trojan Force :)

09-26-2005, 08:41 AM
We got there at 12:00 to tailgate and the fairgrounds didn't open till 2:00 so we found a place next to the fairgrounds and set up our site. We didn't see too many Troy fans outside but by 5 we had about 15 Troy fans hanging out. There where some nice SC fans near us that we hung out with, we where the only two groups there until about 3 when others started showing up. But then as we where walking to the stadium there where a lot of rude SC fans cussing us and talking crap. It didn't help that we had the one guy that of course had to start stuff too. Every group has that guy. All in all it was a good trip, I would do it again even with the loss. The stadium was nice and it was different to see fans that showed up no matter who they play. The stadium looked full but I am sure that some empty seats. As bad as we looked we made plans for next years trip to Florida State on the ride home Sunday and everyone is looking forward to it.

09-26-2005, 10:17 AM
I was there as well and I must say I had a really good time despite the loss. Being from Troy, I have and will continue to enjoy watching my boys play, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt to watch us come up short. However, on the positive, the stadium is awesome, and like I read somewhere else, most SC fans pretty much ignored us. There were a few who were punks for the simple fact that it looked like they felt they had to be. The Troy crowd was pretty big and were into the game, which was good. There was one point where all the Troy fans had a unified chant at one of the many rallying points in the game and the entire stadium was looking at us. That felt good. My final remark: SC didn't win, we lost. But hey, I had a great time and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

09-26-2005, 01:16 PM
Several times, I could hear you all on TV. Great job.

NWFL Trojan
09-26-2005, 02:30 PM
It was great fun to be at a stadium of that size and cheering on our Trojans. The Troy section was loud and we cheered hard for the first half of the game, only to be silenced at each turnover. Each time USC scored their crowing chicken sound effect was like fingernails on a chalkboard and the only merciful thing was that their crowd cheered so loud it almost drowned out the sound. Their crowd did grow quiet however during Troy's few sustained drives and without the turnovers we could have really taken the fans and their team out of the game.
Most of the USC fans we met were polite and a few thanked us for coming. Two different fans commented that they were sorry our band didn't come as they thought that the SOTS was the best in the country.
My daughter, current SOTS member, and I had a good time overall and I am glad to have made the trip.