View Full Version : Silly Arkanussas Fans - They Redhead Step Child of $EC Cartel

Mr. Ho
09-12-2011, 12:03 PM
Like Clempson, Arkanussas dilussional they think they real BC$ school. Heck it 20 years and Mr. Ho still have to remind himself that Hog part of $EC Cartel. They head coach have scruples of Bobby Lowder and have Colonial Bank ATM machine in football locker room. He probably run out on Hog program before Mieneke Muffler Bowl to take over Omaha UFL team.

Arkanussas do have best Amusement Park Management program in the country - with guarantee spot to work at Silver Dollar City every summer.

Here what to expect this weekend if plan on making game - if you can find your way there. Fayetteville hard to even find on map.

Hog fan all excited they find A girl with clean bill of health - although she hard to pick out of crowd

Like other fool BC$ school, Arkanussas have fan that paint body, wear pants droopy and act like The Situation - minus the Hog hats.
"PIGS" obviously easier to spell than "Razorbacks" - mainly because drawing that "Z" is so tricky

Arkanussas fan in general have loose moral, are prone to drunkeness, quick to engage in brutal brawl and have low sexual standard. Maybe not as low as The Red Wave, but Mr. Ho suggest you watch Deliverance before you head up there. Don't accept anything to put in your "pretty mouth" and hope that Bert Reynolds in your section when they all start to "squeal like little piggy"
I'm pher the Hogs!!!!