View Full Version : Nex Up: Arkanussas and the Evil Empire

Mr. Ho
09-04-2011, 04:42 PM
Well Mr. Ho sober up pretty quick after demoralizy lose game yesterday. If he learn one thing from The Red Wave, it how to shake thing off after rejection. He rejected at The Front Porch more than any person ever and yet he keep ask until anyone with pulse slur OK.

Nex up, another school with little or no morales, fan quick to engage in brutal brawl and have low sexual standard: Arkanussas Hog

Arkanussas is another insane state school that suck all money out of Little Rock and tell other state school to stick it. With all that cash, they discover cure for Jock Itch and graduate credit with inventing the "Greeter" position at Wal-Mart and they like eat plenty of pork too - which is odd because they pull for (or as they say "pull pher") Hog.

They also part of the biggest cancer in college football:
The Marching Owl Band Strike Again Last Night - although playing Green Acres at New Orleans Bowl "to honor Troy" was best classic ever

Mr. Ho look hard he find ok babe, but nothing to write home about. Mr. Ho figure it tough to recruit hot babe with nickname like Hog. Hog do make cheerleader trading card, which Mr. Ho find creepy, especially since they include phone number, email address and secret fetish and they pass entire box set (and barrels of cash) to every visiting recruit.

Hey, my name is Stacy. I from Rison and I'm pher the Hogs. I am a sophmore majoring in Lawn Maintenance enjoy noodling and look forward to one day cutting my parents grass

Like most delussional BC$ school, Arkanussas have plenty painted fan in stand and like most dellusional BC$ fan, they think world revolve around them. Only thing that revolve around Fayetteville is clamitia.

My date sure does think I'm hot with this fake Fu Man Chu mustache...wait where did she go?

Arkanussas one notch above Clempson because at least they play in BC$ bowl game more than once every 25 year. But like Clempson, Arkanussas not belong in Super Conference. $EC drop them like a STD. Them along with Old Mississippi, Old Mississippi State and Vandybilt and maybe Kensucky. Unless Slick Willie become Commissioner of new Super $EC Conference. That match made in heaven - breaking rules, chasing skirt all day long and raking in trillions of untraceable dollars.

Mr. Ho expect to get hope up only to be dashed in the second half, but at least he not have to live with this the rest of his life:

I'm pher the Hogs!!!!