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09-01-2005, 09:08 AM
Ryan Broadhead is a big offensive lineman from Lee County High School (Ga.). Broadhead has been very busy this month attending several practices, not including his own. Broadhead made the trip to Tuscaloosa Saturday to see the Tide in action.
"I think it really well," said Ryan Broadhead. "I was very impressed with the practice. I talked to Coach [Bob] Connelly and Coach [Mike] Shula for about 30 minutes. They are waiting to get my scrimmage tape. They want to see how I perform playing tackle. I played center last year. They want to see how well I learn the position."

Broadhead grew up dreaming of playing for the Crimson Tide, and he hopes his dream will become a reality.

"I like Alabama a lot," he said. "I have always liked Alabama ever since I was a little kid. I always wanted to play for the Crimson Tide. They are really high on my list right now. Alabama is my overall favorite school."

"I really like Coach Connelly. He is straight-forward guy. He would really help me push myself. Coach Shula is a real personable coach. They both seem like really good people. They would help provide the extra push for me to get after people," added Broadhead.

In addition to the Alabama practice, the 6-6, 265 pound Georgia lineman has visited practices at Auburn, Central Florida, Florida State, and Vanderbilt.

Auburn: "I really liked it down there. The intensity was very high. I talked to Coach [Hugh] Nall. He said they are very interested in me."

Florida State: "They really got after each other. The defense is very fast. I talked to Coach [Mark] McHale. He has been around the game for a long time. I think if I went there he would help me out a lot."

Central Florida: "The players were not as intense as the bigger schools, but they have some good competition."

Vanderbilt: "I didnít really see much aggression during the practice. I like the school. They have great education, and I like the coaches. They will have good things to look forward to."

The Crimson Tide is the overall favorite, but several schools have his attention as well.

Auburn: "I like Coach [Hugh] Nall. They just came off from a Sugar Bowl victory, and they are a program on the rise. Itís a good time for me to come in because they are short on offensive linemen."

Florida State: ďThey are looking for offensive linemen. They only signed one last year. Coach [Bobby] Bowden is the winningest coach of all time. Itís hard to say that because of Bear Bryant. Coach McHale also has a lot of knowledge since he has been around for a while."

South Carolina: "I donít really know a whole lot about South Carolina. I talked to the G.A. a little bit. He said their offensive line coach was with Coach [Steve] Spurrier when he was at Florida winning all those SEC championships and the national championship. He must be a good coach."

Broadhead would like to make a decision in the near future, but will wait to see if he receives additional offers. He holds offers from UAB, Troy, and Eastern Kentucky.

"I am trying to find the place where I feel the most comfortable with the university," Broadhead said about his college decision. "I will be at the school for four-five years. I might be there longer if the school decides to grey-shirt me. The coaches are going to be like my parents. I want to be very comfortable with them."

"I donít know when I will make a decision. I want to commit early. I am waiting to see what some of these schools do after they receive my highlight tape," added Broadhead.


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09-04-2005, 11:56 PM
Evaluation: Broadhead is a versatile player with some promise. He has a great frame and while at this point he lacks the bulk needed he can easily put on size with some time in the weight room over the next few years. He snaps the ball well and is able to quickly get his hands on defenders when he is covered up. He is not a people mover, but more of a positional blocker that can steer defenders out of the hole. He needs to step more out of his stance as he has a habit of keeping his feet planted when he is covered and bending at the waist. He can get up to the second level and get a piece of moving targets. He has the ability to snap in shotgun information. He is an effective pass protector that needs to be aware of his pad level. He has the tendency to get high and can be pushed back. He has adequate feet to mirror defenders. Broadhead is going to need time to develop physically and work on his skills, but can be a productive player down the road as either a center or guard at the college level.

Ryan is listed as the #8 OC in the country by ESPN

09-05-2005, 12:09 AM
Sounds like he doesn't give a $#@^ about Troy. Too bad for him. He should give it a chance.

09-22-2005, 09:45 PM
Ryan Broadhead, from Lee County High School (Ga.), is paving the way for his team as they lead the state in yards and points per game. Broadhead is hearing from several schools and waiting for more scholarship offers to come his way.
"The season is going really good," said Ryan Broadhead. "We are 5-0. We lead the state in offense (over 500 yards per game) and points per game (over 50). We play at Dougherty County (4-1) on Friday. They are our cross-town rival. It's going to be a big game."

"LaValle Parker (two-star receiver) was kicked-off our team. He actually plays at Dougherty now. There is a lot of attention towards this game because of him going there now. We have a lot of receivers to step up this year who have made plays for us," Broadhead added.

Broadhead has attend two college football games this fall and has plans to attend several more.

"I have been to the Miami-Florida State game and the Auburn-Mississippi State game," he said. "I was suppose to go to the Alabama-Southern Miss game, but gas went up so high we didn't go. I am going to the Auburn-Western Kentucky game this weekend. I plan to go to the Alabama-Florida game. I want to get up to a South Carolina game and maybe another Florida State game."

When asked if any official visits have been set Broadhead replied, "I still have not set up any official visits. I know I want to take official visits to Alabama and South Carolina. Those are really the only two I want to take right now. Auburn and Florida State are both really close to me. I might not want to waste an official visit to those schools. I can take unofficial visits there whenever I want to. It's nothing against the universities."

The 6-6, 260-pound offensive lineman holds offers from Eastern Kentucky, Troy and UAB, but he has a different list of five favorites.

"Right now in no order, my favorites are Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, South Carolina and Vanderbilt," said Broadhead. "Right now I am making a highlight film to send to all those schools. I have close to twenty pancake blocks this season. I have not even played in the second half the entire year."

"Most of those schools have called me this month. I have talked to Coach Nall from Auburn, Coach Connelly from Alabama and Coach Fisher from Vanderbilt. I have talked to East Carolina, South Carolina, UAB, Troy, Citadel and Southern Miss as well," Broadhead added.

Broadhead discusses some of his favorites.

Alabama: "Alabama is 3-0. They have been doing really good. They had a tough time against Southern Miss, but they did great against South Carolina."

Auburn: "They had a tough start at the beginning of the year, but they have been doing very well ever since the loss to Georgia Tech."

Florida State: "The finally beat Miami, and they beat a very good Boston College team. They are doing a pretty good job."

South Carolina: "I was rooting for them against Georgia. They played very well against them. I think Coach Spurrier has the team on the right track."

The two-star lineman watched the Alabama-South Carolina game with great interest in both teams.

"I watched the entire game," he said. "I really liked the way Coach Connelly [Alabama] was coaching the offensive lineman. I could tell both teams were in need of some lineman."

When asked a time-frame for a decision Broadhead responded, "I plan to wait until after the season before I make a decision. Hopefully, we will make it to the state championship and that is in December."

10-06-2005, 12:29 PM
Offensive lineman Ryan Broadhead from Lee County High School in Leesburg, (Ga.) made an unofficial visit to the University of Alabama for the SEC match-up between the Tide and Gators. Broadhead is interested in an offer from the Crimson Tide, and Alabama's coaching staff will evaluate the first half of his senior season this week.
"I talked to Coach Bob Connelly before and after the game," Ryan Broadhead said. "We talked about my game the night before, and we spoke about the Tide. I gave him my highlight tape. We will see what happens within the next few weeks."

Broadhead grew up watching Alabama football and has seen the Tide struggle the past couple of years. Saturday's game offered a glimpse of brighter days ahead for thje Crimson Tide.

"It was great to be down there," he said. "It was a lot of fun. I had a good time. I thought Alabama played really good. It's a very big win for the program. The game proved that Alabama is back."

When asked of a return visit to Tuscaloosa, the two-star lineman said, "I am not sure. I am probably going to the Florida State-Wake Forest game this weekend. I want to go to Auburn, South Carolina and maybe UAB for a game."

Broadhead remains with a list of five, and he anxiously awaits to hear good news from several schools.

"I sent out my highlight film to several colleges this week," he said. "I will wait for my evaluations for each of these schools. My favorites in no particular order are Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida State and UAB. I don't have an overall favorite right now."

Broadhead (6-6, 260) holds scholarship offers from Eastern Kentucky, Troy and UAB.

Lee defeated Ware County 27-10 last week and will host American Sumpter Friday night.

10-19-2005, 09:47 AM
Ryan is no longer considering Troy.