View Full Version : 1976 Football Team Reunion! We need update information!

08-25-2005, 01:41 PM
Hello! The athletic department here at Troy University is planning a reunion for the 1976 football team! We need a little bit of help though. We can't seem to find updated information on several players. If you know recent information about these players, please let us know. You may choose to post it on here or send the information to chuckash@troy.edu. Thanks!

Steve Boyles
Jimmy Campbell
Buster Carmichael
Kenny Craik
Ron Daniels
Tony Davezan
Billy Dixon
Randy Eberhart
Carlton Faulk
David Fletcher
Bernard Folmar
Bobby Fowler
Robert Gemberling
Lawson Goings
Boyd Grant
Tommy Groce
Robert Halloway
Willie Harp
Bubba Helton
Barney Jones
Willie McCray
David Mewbourne
Bobby Owens
Phillip Parker
Robert Patterson
Sam Pickett
John Sullivan
Ted Suttle
Lester Tell
Sullivan Walker
Fred Weary
Mike Williams
Harold Williams
Bubba Williams