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03-01-2011, 10:04 PM
Former Trojan Josh Braodaway is playing in the Honda Classic starting this thursday. Josh has played on the Nationwide tour for several years and this is his first PGA tour event...Good luck Josh! BTW..he plays cross handed!!!

03-04-2011, 11:52 PM
After opening with a 78 on thursday, Josh battled back friday in the tough conditions and shot 68 to make the cut and play on the weekend.

03-06-2011, 07:31 AM
Third round 68. 4th round Coverage begins at 11:30 on the golf channel. He should be entering "the bear trap" (15,16,17) when coverage begins.

03-06-2011, 11:58 AM
BTW..he plays cross handed!!!
http://golfweek.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/croppedphotos/2009/12/05/josh-broadaway-pga-tour-q-school-south_t640.jpg?a6ea3ebd4438a44b86d2e9c39ecf7613005 fe067

Ya know, it's incredibly uncommon to see someone use that kind of grip for a complete round, but you'd be surprised how many people use that grip when putting. Put me in the latter category. I use your typical Vardon grip in the tee box and in the fairway (or more commonly, the rough) but when I putt I have always played crosshanded. I think it really helps you guide the ball rather than hit the ball, thus when I miss putts it's almost always due to a bad line, not bad speed

Now if only I could drive without a 15-yard slice...

03-06-2011, 12:13 PM

Will follow him giving live updates

Round = Complete: Josh finished +3 on the day and +7 overall.

Mid-Round Thoughts: He got off to a bad start hitting 4 bogies on the first 11 holes without a birdie. At #12 he started looking better with two straight birdies, but killed his round on a bad #16. Overall he doesn't look too bad off the tee (with the exception of the bad shot on #16) and he's hitting some right down the middle of the fairway. To me he is showing a lot of promise with it being his first PGA Tour event and with the exception of a few holes today, he has hit some pretty decent shots.

Birdies: (Par 4) 12, (Par 4) 13--Made an 18 ft birdie put. (Par 5) 18.

Bogies: (Par 3) 5th, (Par 3) 7th, (Par 4) 10th, and (Par 4) 11th.

Double Bogie: (Par 4) 16th--Terrible drive to hit it in the water.

Notables: Made a brilliant 19yd chip shot out of the rough on #14 landing 6 inches shy of the hole to save par....Hit a good 28ft putt on #15 to 8 inches shy of the hole to save par...Good job of saving par with an 11ft par putt on #17 after hitting it on the Green-side bunker...Good 15 yd 3rd shot out of the bunker on the par 5 #18 to get within 1 inch of the hole. Close to an Eagle, but gave him an easy tap-in Birdie.


Final Tournament Thoughts:

Positives: Josh had two pretty good rounds and if it wasn't for the bad first round, he would have had a better finish. He shot a 68 on both rounds 2 and 3. I thought there were times that he hit some pretty decent shots that didn't show up on the scorecard. He looked decent off the tee at times and got himself out of a lot of bad situations by making good shots to save par. This was his first PGA Tour event and him making the Cut was a very good thing.

Negatives: Josh had a really bad first round shooting a 78 (+8). This could be explained though by nerves considering it was his first PGA Tour round. He also shot a 73 (+3) on the 4th round which would have been a lot better if it wasn't for the bad hole (double bogey) on #16.

Overall: If you add up all of his scores and average them it would come out to be just a little over par. Not bad for his first Tournament event. He does have a little to work on, but overall I think he shows a lot of promise.

Mike Cunningham
03-07-2011, 05:48 PM
I considered Josh a friend in college. I wish I hadn't lost touch with him.

Good guy and an obvious good golfer. Proud of you Josh!

Navarre Trojan
03-07-2011, 06:50 PM
Good news is, he posted $ 17,356.50 in earnings, that's not bad for your first week's pay at your new job!!! Seriously, 2 shots better, $26, 287, and better, just 4 shots better (2 per side), he purses $47,310!! TWO SHOTS per side. Anybody that has ever hit a golf ball more than 100 times knows this is easily accomplished!

Best of luck to you Josh!

03-10-2011, 05:32 PM
Here is a good article about Josh from last weeks Honda Classic