View Full Version : Dewhitt and the rest of the season

10-19-2004, 03:09 PM
Dewhitt is an awesome person. My g/f and I had the chance to speak with him several times in dining hall as im sure many others have as well. He doesnt sit there and say "go away" or "buzz off" The thing I cherish the most about the team is being able to go up to one of them..sit down..have lunch or dinner and talk about different things. Like many fans I am frustrated at the way Betterson has been used. 2001 was an amazing year to watch him..even as a back up. When he was in the game..he performed..and let people know he is the man. His running game is "abusive"..we need to use him more! As far as the rest of the season goes..if by some slim chance we win at LSU..we damn well better win the rest of our games..no excuse for us to beat great teams and then suck nuts on teams that arent worth a crap. And coaches..get your crap together now!