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Navarre Trojan
08-18-2005, 06:18 AM
attached to several players from Troy? I just fininshed reading the article about Osi and that term was used. Dallas' Tuna refers to D Ware as a "hybrid player" in the mold of LT. Several other articles from local papers to national reports refer to our defensive ends as "another hybrid type player in the mold of Demarcus Ware."

I think this is a great testement of the work being done on the defensive side of the ball. I know big Vic is gone, but this thing is on-going. I just believe we have a formula at Troy to take these guys that not everyone is looking at and saying, "you know what, we can make this guy a defensive end at Troy, make him stronger, faster, and much more prepared to play at the next level.

We know our defense is ALWAYS going to be tough, but the recognition we are getting (based on the way these guys are performing in the NFL) is outstanding.

Troy, home of the "hybrid design" - awesome

Go Trojans

08-18-2005, 07:05 AM
So true! I was watching ESPNU last night. They were indicating Virginia Tech doesnt go for high profile high school athletes. What they do is take average players and make them stronger, faster, and better. To me, that is what teaching about, and the rewards are better knowing you turned someone around, whom others thought wouldnt make it.