View Full Version : Just Curious???

01-10-2011, 11:51 AM
We throughly enjoyed spending time in New Orleans with The Trojan Nation this past December! As an educator I am very aware of some individuals lack of funds when it comes to "fun money" and how that determines nights on the road, etc. If you remember I mentioned that The Trojan Nation (just those with membership on this website) arrived in New Orleans from at least twelve or thirteen states.

This past week (days ago) the weather models started predicting that we would have a snow and ice event on Sunday going into Monday. Currently there are numerous fans for a certain school in airports from Memphis to Birmingham to Atlanta to Charlotte being informed they are not going to travel today!

My curiosity is how many Trojan Fans would be in that situation if we had a game tonight? My thoughts are not many :wave:

Proud to be a Trojan Fan and thankful to use the brain The Good Lord gave us!