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Buzz Lightyear
01-07-2011, 10:47 AM
BCS.....note Ohio State 5 players allowed to play in bowl game.......don't you think that game would have been different had they not.....oh I am sure they will all be back next year to get their punishment......but we could not dare with all the BCS integrity dare mess up a BCS game which brings us to Cam Newton.....lesser player who knows.....but he would not be eligible....hell no your dad is no agent but he is closer....it is not permissable by NCAA rules to sell your son.......and for that matter its not allowed in criminal court either.....but that would mess up the game and would have put lowly TCU in the championship game...........hum now that they have gone to their logical home THE BIG EAST maybe they would have been allowed to play and Cam would be unfortunately or not ruled ineligible......but none of this happened to preserve THEIR monopoly.......So on Monday I too will enjoy the game but all the while knowing that this LEGAL prostitution should be in Nevada not Arizona.......Only the BCS could sham it like this with Ohio State players and with Auburn to make sure they protect their GAMES..........I have to say that I like the little guy because maybe some cheating goes on maybe it doesn't however it seems just a little more pure than at the very top...after all why can't TCU have a shot at the title this year instead of waiting for their turn in the pimps bed of the BCS. So the BCS better get tested for STD's because they would sell themselves and the BCS games faster than Cam's daddy would sell his sons services........oops I have to wait for the investigation to be totally complete after the fact........then we will all know the difference between Reggie Bushs family and Cams family......

I really don't think that there has been a more obvious year then this in showing what a farce NCAA regulations are when it comes to butting heads with the BCS......Money talks........I for one think Cam is an incredible player and I hope Monday is a heck of game......and I hope millions and millions are spread from this game to the pee ons and peasents......Because this stinks to high heaven of corruption.....

No I do not know all the facts but this we do know......He who has the dough makes the rules...........

Good luck to Auburn if you are an Auburn fan........Good luck to Oregan if you are a Duck fan and if you just hate Auburn or if you just hate prostitution.

01-07-2011, 01:42 PM
Buzz, I have to agree that 2010 will be considered the worst decision making year in NCAA history. No doubt that it's all about the money. The BCS has existed for over a decade and has proven not to be the answer that all the so called experts originally believed. It is time to start over and try something new. I am convinced that the corruption has been and will always be in college athletics. However, what we saw displayed in 2010 is a total embarrassment to college football. If you are going to have rules, it is necessary to abide by them. We may not know the impact of the Cam Newton story for some time to come, and we may see some of the 5 Ohio State players change their minds about returning for the 2011 season. But one thing we all know at the present time is that the NCAA and the BCS are not functioning the way they were originally designed and something must be done to fix the problems.

01-07-2011, 02:13 PM
I agree with all said above. And until the financial aspect of college football can actually get some stronger regulations and enforcing agency, this years decisions by the NCAA just set a new standard for what people and programs with money can get away with. Even with financial regulations though, you will still have the corruption at the highest level of college football because it is such a lucrative business. At this rate, the highest level of college football is on its way to being a watered down version of the NFL.

01-07-2011, 10:35 PM
Does anyone know for sure whether or not the NCAA has any authority over the bowls? And if they do what is the extent of that authority? Bowls do a lot of things that aren't allowed in the college regular season.

This may be a case of where the NCAA suggested that the players didn't play but couldn't suspend them as bowls aren't part of the football season so the suspension can only apply to the regular football season which has to follow NCAA rules. The schools could have said no thanks to any suspension and therefore statements were made by the schools and NCAA that satisfy everyone and not reveal any conflicts.

I know the bowls follow NCAA rules when two "teams" are playing a bowl game, but if it is an all star game like the senior bowl they add, delete, or change rules to fit what they want to do.

Im not sure the NCAA can dictate what schools will or will not do as far as a bowl is concerned. There is a bowl selection committee, TV arrangements, conference affiliations, bowl payouts to conferences and schools, gifts to players, etc, etc. I don't see the NCAA in this process.

Then again they may rule the process from top the bottom and everything has to go through them. If that's the case I don't see it.

Buzz Lightyear
01-10-2011, 03:39 PM
Tonight folks we get to see the best non professional teams (minus TCU) that money can buy play one another in the BCS National Marketing and Monopoly Championship brought to you by those with courage of their convictions.

The National Anthem is just wasted time on prime time TV and will be replaced by a money making song sang by Miley Cyrus about partying with legal drugs in the USA........all proceeds will be given to the needy in the BCS conferences.....................

I maybe a little harsh but perhaps if I hear the word of student athlete used in the telecast I am going to barf...........I have no doubt that there are great student athletes on both teams but when the sponsor of your telecast are the agents and friends of the Tyrel Pryor and his buddies I began to suspect greed.......

I love the game except when it is stinched up by the happinings of this year....

I hope Oregan wins................but not because of Cam or that I do not like Auburn.........I just don't want the title and heisman to be stained any more than it already has been.

01-10-2011, 06:43 PM
Without a playoff either team is merely the championship of the poll voters and a computer. You can not have a true champion unless all the best teams are in the mix and it is settled on the field in a playoff....like they do in every other sport and football division. The BCS is just BS!

Buzz Lightyear
01-12-2011, 09:38 AM
Getting a photo of Cam and his dad after the game and after the much hallibalooed "mutual agreement to stay away" Was NOTHING.......they could easily find Cams daddy by looking for him sitting beside Tom Cruise wearing " SHOW ME THE MONEY" t- shirts.