View Full Version : 1st Ticket Update

Mr. Ho
12-08-2010, 09:40 AM
Mr. Ho have contact all throughout SunBelt and he get inside scoop on all ticket action.

First, TMTDM ticket sale for Truck Bowl are "brisk", but not at Old Southern Miss game or last year in Mobile. Mr. Ho source say that ticket sale probably around Rice level (4,500 student, band and coporate with another 1,000+ walk-up - in contrast TMTDM sell 6,650 plus walk-up for USM and 8,350 for Mobile). A lot depend on corporate support.

One rumor that can not be confirmed is that a corporate sponsor with close ties to the military is buying a block for the Naval Air and Coast Guard Station in New Orleans...TMTDM also has a building on base. Might add another 1,000 to our total. Mr. Ho also hear that LB working phones to boost corporate support like CT-Martin did last year. It might pay off in total sales but not actually people at the game.

Mr. Ho also hear that Ohio will bring a good crowd...maybe like Rice did (2-3,000). New Orleans is obviously an attractive destination and the best of any of their other 3 bowls (Boise, Detroit, Mobile). FYI: Mr. Ho hear from another source that Illinois Northern tickets to Boise are gathering dust...and that knock on boise. It a GREAT town, but no place for a bowl game.

Second, Mr. Ho hear that Miami State ticket sale have been halfway decent. The kick-off time helps being a later game (8:30) as most people will probably leave that day. They are expecting to sell 1-2,000. Here is where not having a band kills, because those parents like to come to the game.

Third, the level of excitement at CT-Martin is at an all-time low. Mr. Ho source say that tickets sale there are on pace to just top 2,000. CT-Martin will get it's usual corporate support to boost the total numbers. They like to talk about selling more seats to the NO Bowl than we did, but alot of them went un-used. As opposed to TMTDM fans actually showing up.