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Mike Cunningham
10-30-2010, 11:57 AM
October 21, 2010 Contact: Robert Hudson or Clif Lusk

Facebook nets composer for TROY students

TROY -- An internationally known jazz composer and arranger will be personally involved in Troy University’s jazz ensemble frequency this semester thanks to social media.

The ten-member ensemble had been studying and rehearsing six of Greg Jasperse’s pieces this semester when Dr. Diane Orlofsky, a professor of music and director of University Choirs, struck up a conversation with the composer on Facebook.

“Greg wrote me and asked if he had ever met me before in one of his workshops,” Orlofsky said. “We started chatting about frequency, how much of his music we are studying, our kinship with his sound, and so on. I took a chance and invited him to Troy and he accepted the invitation.”

Jasperse, who lives in Los Angeles, will teach workshops Nov. 2 – 4 on the Troy Campus and work directly with frequency in rehearsing his numbers.

“Through all of our conversations, I have found Greg to be personable and accessible and I know that our students will remember this opportunity for a lifetime,” Orlofsky said.

Jasperse is a multifaceted musician and is one sixth of the a cappella group, Sixth Wave. He is adjunct professor of music at Pasadena City College where he directs the vocal jazz ensemble. His work as a singer has landed him on the film scores to “National Treasure 2,” “Couples Retreat,” “Star Trek,” “Wolfman,” “The Last Airbender,” and “SALT.”

He is a sought-after clinician, adjudicator and guest conductor who has conducted various all-state jazz choirs including California, Oklahoma, Indiana, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, New Hampshire, Illinois, Iowa as well as the British Columbia Honors Jazz Choir. He has released two solo piano CD’s. “Tournesol” is a collection of
contemporary jazz originals and “Crossings” is a collection of improvised hymn meditations. He is a graduate of University of Miami and Western Michigan University.