View Full Version : Anyone playing fantasy football on yahoo? Where is Ware?

06-20-2005, 11:55 AM
I tried to find Demarcus and he is not listed. I asked once and got a reply talking something about injured players. I just sent them another e-mail:

Why isn't the NFL's 1st round, 11th overall draft pick (Demarcus Ware from TROY to the Cowboys) not one of the DL players listed in your fantasy football. You have Ronnie Brown which is a first rounder (albeit a RB) and I saw at least one DL listed that was from the 11th ROUND. Heck, you have that thug Goddard from Marshall listed as the 250 something best DL player. So why no love for DeWare? Please answer the question this time and don't give me any talk about being an injured player (he has never been injured in the 4 years I saw him play at TROY).
If anyone else is playing or just PO'd that DeWare was left off, e-mail too.
That's my rant for the month.