View Full Version : Want To Buy: HUGE Troy banner......

08-22-2010, 10:24 PM
My roomie and I are looking for a HUGE "Troy Trojans" or "Troy Football" banner to hang from the rafters in our cabin living room. We were looking to get something 5' tall and between 8'-10' wide. I looked on E-Bay, and several online sports stores, and the largest banner I can find is a mere 3'X5' banner. Does anyone know of a place--either in Troy or online--where we could purchase a larger banner, or a place in town we could get one made?

08-22-2010, 10:44 PM
The Troy campus Barnes & Noble has great banners and flags! I bought the one that is cardinal and silver with the TU logo on it. It takes up half of my wall space in my dorm. I think it was like $29.99.