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04-29-2005, 10:12 AM

Looks like those I-AAers got a gift. That is all we need for all the I-A teams to start "playing down" every year. That will make it harder for mid-majors to get a game with the top teir teams.

Oh well?

04-29-2005, 10:22 AM
The article also said that the NCAA approved a measure to loosen the requirements for gaining I-A status but it didn't go into details. If that's the case, there might not be I-AA football for much longer.

Navarre Trojan
04-29-2005, 10:53 AM
this is the beginning of creating the "super conference". By loosening the I-A requirements, allows for "tougher" requirements at the top where only the "MAJOR" programs will be invited to compete. I get really angry when the pontificators expunge their thoughts about how mid-majors are not deserving, how the major conferences are being slighted by this and that. The Conference Call and Southern Sports Tonight's and Max Howell's of the world need to explain how the Troy's and UAB's and Southern Miss's are not WORTHY while the Vanderbilt's and Baylor's and Kansas and Houston's and Rutgers's are...

I think this just opens the door for continuing scheduling problems, the mids will never get to major status because not only with the "majors" not be willing to play the good mids, now they don't have to. Therefore, Mid-Majors will never be able to grow into what others have inherited...

rant over!!! Let's attack the gorilla....

04-29-2005, 10:59 AM
The NCAA will now allow teams to maintain I-A status by achieving a 15,000 fans per game average (by butts in the seats or tickets "sold" - including to corporations, at major discounts) at least once every two years.

Tickets must be "sold" at no less than one-third of the highest ticket price.

FAU and FIU are now in.

Teams like Troy will now find it difficult to get games with Bama and Auburn when those "big boys" can play the likes of Western Carolina and Furman at least once per year.

04-29-2005, 05:20 PM
so many things about this little dittie from the NCAAA are wrong, most of which have been mentioned already.
But what really has me pissed is the fact that the reason the ADs and presidents and so on say we cant have a playoff system in I-A football is because "students dont need to miss so much class... blah blah blah..." WTF! now we add another game to the regular sesason in addition to the conf. championship games which now total FOUR! The hypocracy! I dont know who these assh*les think they are fooling but its not the general public or any football fan who has an once of sense.

The mid-major thing... thats a tirade for another day!

Navarre Trojan
05-03-2005, 12:56 PM
More I-A teams likely to face I-AA foes
By Jack Carey, USA TODAY
Look for more NCAA Division I-A football teams to schedule games against I-AA opponents as a result of the NCAA Division I board of directors' decision Thursday to permit I-A teams to play 12-game schedules starting in 2006. The board also adopted a proposal allowing I-A teams to reach bowl eligibility by counting a win against a I-AA opponent every year, effective for the 2005 season.
Until now, teams could count a win against a I-AA school once every four years. This season, 50 games have been scheduled between I-A and I-AA teams, but that number is bound to rise in future seasons.

Robert Hemenway, chancellor of the University of Kansas and chairman of the board of directors, said it was the board's intention that teams still must have a winning record in order to be bowl-eligible. But he said the board wants to have that issue studied by the NCAA Management Council and staff to make sure enough teams with winning records will be available for bowl games.

In 2002 and 2003, when the NCAA previously permitted 12 games, a team could go to a bowl at 6-6 if its league didn't have enough teams with winning records to fill all its postseason spots.

The recent proliferation of bowls — there are 28 — has raised questions about whether there might be a season when there weren't enough bowl-eligible teams to fill all the spots.

Last season, even though most teams played 11 games, there were only 59 I-A teams with winning records eligible to fill the 56 bowl berths. Two teams, Clemson and South Carolina, disqualified themselves from the postseason after a brawl between the teams.

Hemenway acknowledged the winning-record requirement "may not be possible" to maintain.

In other action Thursday, the board of directors:

•Requested the NCAA Executive Committee develop what Hemenway called "a comprehensive policy" regarding alcohol advertising during broadcasts of collegiate sporting events.

Wednesday, the American Medical Association, in a news release, asked the NCAA to stop allowing alcohol companies to advertise their products on radio and TV broadcasts of college games. The NCAA limits such ads to one minute an hour during championship events.

•Adopted a rule requiring teams to have an average paid attendance of 15,000 for home football games as part of the requirements for I-A membership. That's a change from the requirement of 15,000 average actual attendance, which was difficult for some schools to meet.

"When we went to the turnstile attendance, I think we inadvertently harmed some institutions because they don't control the weather," NCAA President Myles Brand said. "I think that's an indication that we had the wrong rule."

Brand said Wyoming had trouble meeting the 15,000 threshold because one game was played in a blizzard and many ticketholders couldn't attend.

•Approved six of seven proposals forwarded by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and Women's Basketball Coaches Association that will increase coaches' access to players. Hemenway said the only proposal not adopted was one that would have let coaches view informal practices.