View Full Version : all about second chances

Mike Cunningham
05-14-2010, 09:53 AM
When ever i meet an ex-felon, I thank I thank him/her for doing my time for me. I was given enough second chances that one of them took. I am not a Bible thumper ,but being over sixty years old and a grizzled veteran, having served twelve years in parochial school, I have been exposed, albeit by force, to Christian principles. As I recall, non judgment, forgiveness and a willingness to accept others regardless of their history seem to be cornerstones of the Faith's behavior policies. Hell, I say give him a second chance even if he doesn't deserve it. His perception is no more flawed than mine at that age. Having been in the justice business for over thirty years, I opt for mercy.

I have been thinking of starting a read-only forum for Hall of Fame posts/threads/quotes from GoTroyTrojans.com. It's quotes like this that make me want to do it sooner then later.

Edit: this got me off my butt and I started the HOF forum. Congrats reded for being the first one to enter the GTT HOF!