View Full Version : Mizzou and Marshall

10-16-2004, 09:40 PM
I bet their fans are slitting their wrists about now and wondering what in the holy hell happened when they played us.

10-16-2004, 09:47 PM
Can you blame them? I'm wondering the same.

10-17-2004, 01:22 AM
Mizzou's coach cost them a chance to win that game by forgetting what their strength was. When they started flinging the ball they played right into your hands.

Troy matched up well against Marshall and had an answer for their strengths and Marshall never got the ground game working effectively. Troy threw more against Marshall (8 times more, but actually 12 because the last four passes against ASU were a desperation effort where everyone knew what was coming).

Tonight Troy played into ASU's hands by failing to take advantage of a defense starting 8 freshmen that has had some key breakdowns in the secondary.

Last week ASU couldn't use man coverage often in the secondary because MTSU's Wright is so dang good (had 112 yards receiving against Florida today). Tonight ASU used a lot of man selling out to stop the run and one of the few times we ran a zone resulted in a pick.