View Full Version : Troy University Superdome? Why Not?

03-02-2010, 09:37 AM
I put this here because it would have a direct impact on TMTDM sports programs.

I got to thinking and did a little digging and it's not to far from a crazy idea, but why not shun all state funds, become a private, for-profit institute of higher learning and roll out an IPO on Wall Street? I mean, why do it half-arse and just go full bore with this. If we have a "campus" above a shoe repair store in Kuala Lampur, why not have one in every major city around the world.

Doesn't Troy only receive a small portion of funds from the State; the majority of it raised internally through donations and it's distant learning programs?

If you loook at the Apollo Group (UOP parent company), the numbers are staggering: $2.73 billion in revenue for 2007; 315,000 students and a stock price currently around $60. Although, I would shun an open-enrollment policy for undergraduates, we have the infrastructure already in place to increase our distant learning programs dramatically especially at the graduate level.

All kidding aside, I don't see why not become, as Mr. Ho puts it: The University of Phoenix, with Sports? Then we could put our name on an NFL Stadium too. Just think of the impact on revenue for our athletic programs - they essentially would become our main marketing arm (like they are now).