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Beamon Creek Monster
04-01-2005, 10:47 AM
Why do you get so mad when someone questions what you say in your post? Are you threatened by ideas other than your own?

04-01-2005, 10:53 AM
I meant to call you last night but I forgot again. We've had awful thunderstorms for the past 24 hours so be careful on the roads and swamps this weekend. If I don't forget I'll call you tonight.

Oh, and stop trying to start arguments.

04-01-2005, 12:00 PM
He is just a passionate person - that is all. IF/WHEN you ever meet him you will understand. He has a deep Love for Troy, and is very passionate about it. That and he enjoys a good debate.

04-01-2005, 01:40 PM
Wow Markus, I'm impressed! You got a thread dedicated to yourself. I think you've finally made it to the top! Congratulations.

Just kidding of course.

04-01-2005, 02:08 PM
Go Markus!!!