View Full Version : 40,139

Mr. Ho
12-07-2009, 01:57 PM
As far as Mr. Ho can tell, 40,620 is record attendence for Mobile Bowl.

Ladd-Peoples Stadium hold 40,464

If TMTDM not part of 2nd record Bowl crowd in row (and last year record Bowl crowd not because Ol' Miss South bring 31,000), then Mr. Ho will officially declare Mobile as a total $ucktown.

Frankly, Mr. Ho not care if you are a Bammer fan and scream "Rolled Tide" all night long, as long as it inside stadium and you cheer for TMTDM in between running over kids to get facetime on ESPN. I'll even accept a Barner or two, but no "Wart Eagles" though - especially after North Chicago plows new one.