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12-07-2009, 09:51 AM
I read this on Fox Sports this morning. Pete Fiutak gave some props to both GMAC Bowl teams

2. The little guys deserve their own moments in the spotlight, so when they fill the marquee in an interesting matchup, you should pay attention.

One day before the BCS national championship game on Wed., Jan. 6, in Mobile, Ala. you ought to set aside viewing time if you consider yourself a lover of football. Central Michigan and super-duper-record-setting quarterback Dan LeFevour take on Troy and super-duper-record-setting quarterback Levi Brown. Both men have rewritten the histories of the Mid-American and Sun Belt Conferences, respectively, and can throw for 400 yards while blindfolded with a hand tied behind their backs. Against power conference teams, both signal callers came up short in 2009 (LeFevour against Arizona, Brown versus Arkansas), but when pitted against each other, they figure to light up the night sky. Two of the most-accomplished players in the Football Bowl Subdivision deserve a wide audience from football aficionados throughout America. Dan LeFevour and Levi Brown aren't running for office, but they could use your support the night before Texas and Alabama do their thing.

Matt Zemek

12-07-2009, 10:05 AM
That is what I am talking about. Think we would get that kind of publicity playing Mississippi Southern, no way! This game has the potential to be super hyped and give both programs more exposure than either has ever received. I just hate we have to wait a month for the game!