View Full Version : Rank the D1 Conferences...

newnan trojan
12-05-2009, 01:44 PM
Just a little fun, and something else to talk about besides what bowl we are going to...From the 11 D1 conferences how do YOU think they rank...

1) SEC- Year after year this conference has proven to be heads and shoulders above the rest, who ever wins the SEC championship usually goes on to win the National Championship.

2) Big 12- This to me has to be ranked #2, not quite as tough as the SEC but they have a number of great teams and makes the conference tough to go undefeated in.

3) Big 10- Not quite as good this year as in years past, and without Ohio State, and Penn State, this conference wouldnt even be top 5. Michigan much like Notre Dame has fallen from the great football power they use to be.

4)Pac 10- These teams have been beating up on eachother this year. FINALLY USC has a down year currently at 8-3...This conference has lots of teams that could play anyone in the country a close game, Stanford, Oregon, california, USC...

5) ACC- Not a good year for the ACC. Georgia Tech and Clempson both are the Cream of the Crop of the ACC and they BOTH fall to a 6-5 Georgia and South Carolina. Florida State is having one of their worst years in almost 30years. Normally I would probally put the ACC as number 4 atleast!

6) Big East- This conference just keeps getting better and better. Cinci is #5 in the country and Pitt is #15, Pretty tough conference. I look for the Big East to expand to 10 teams VERY soon, they currently have 8 Teams, thats tied for the smallest in D1 conferences.

7) Mountain West- This conference has come a LONG way. TCU has a chance of going to the national championship this year. Utah and BYU are extremily good teams...I really look for this conference to possibly pass the Big East.

8) WAC- when you think of the WAC you think of Bosie State, and thats about all there is in the WAC that keeps me from putting this conference behind CUSA.

9) CUSA- This conference is improving year after year. This year Houston got ranked #13. Im seeing more and more Ranked CUSA teams year after year. This conference has A LOT of potential... Hopefully Troy can get into this conference in a couple years. This would help us leaps and bounds!

10)Sun Belt- Is a pretty distant 10th from CUSA...But I feel the SBC edges the MAC. Troy I feel has really pushed this conference to be better over the years and it really has...Currently Troy and Middle tennessee are 9-3. and there is 4 bowl eligable teams.

11) MAC- This conference has not improved over the years. If anything they have gone backwards. Losing Marshall a couple years ago really hurt this conference. Last year FAU who was 6-6 in the SBC defeated Central Michigan who was #2 in the MAC in the motor city bowl.