View Full Version : Drew's take on the Bowl situation.

Hemi Man
12-05-2009, 11:56 AM
BOWL TALK: Three things will determine what bowl Troy ends up in, one big one. If Texas beats Nebraska, Wisconsin beats Hawaii and Boise State gets selected into the BCS, I’d look for Troy to end up in Mobile. If Boise State does not end up in the BCS, Troy will be in New Orleans (with two weeks to sell tickets). If the 0.000001% chance happens that Troy ends up in Washington, D.C., New Mexico or Boise, all hell will break loose.

If Nebraska beats Texas, the BCS takes 2 Big 12 teams, possibly pushing Boise out because the Big 10, undeservedly, will get 2 teams because the fans travel. If Hawaii beats Wisconsin late Saturday night, then the WAC would fill a secondary tie-in with the GMAC Bowl and give Hawaii enough wins for bowl eligibility. It certainly could happen with the officials down there and the pressure to get Hawaii to the Hawaii Bowl, but Wisconsin is a much better team.

If you look at the game only, I think a matchup with Central Michigan in the GMAC Bowl would be better than Marshall in the New Orleans Bowl, but players, coaches, and I think administrators want to go to New Orleans. The date is better and doesn’t interfere with 2nd semester classes. The dome is much cooler. The night life is better. Everything’s easier to get to. But it might be a couple more years before Troy has a team as good as this one, and part of me would like to see the Trojans face a squad it would be an underdog to in a bowl.