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12-02-2009, 11:21 PM
I really can't add any more about the bowl so I just wanted to share my perceptions of the SBC teams and their respective season:

ASU - I picked this team to really challenge. They are talented and tough. Don't really know what happened. They were really playing good at the first of the year.

MTSU - Finally seems to have put the pieces together. TF may have helped Middle more than he did for Troy. I hate that Gee kid. He is really good and just wore us out every year. Like Dasher a lot. They are a fine team and will do well in the bowl.

UL(L) - Saw them play Kansas State and was really impressed. Play at F_U killed their season. A lot of speed and great play calling on offense. Best tailgating in the conference.

WKU - They ain't that bad. They play hard but just can't put it together. Will be better real quick. Seem to play their best for Troy.

North Texas - Just don't have the players. Something isn't quite right there. In my younger days, this program was awesome.

ULM - Really talented. They scare me more than any other team. Gutsy QB and great running back.

FAU - Thugs and no (zero) class. Seems harsh but I have reasons for my perception. With the incredible number of players in their area, they should be great. They have shown flashes of what they can do.

FIU - Lick and a promise program. They have some players but don't seem committed to devloping a program.

USA- had a great season playing HS teams. Gets a lot harder from here on out. Good for the conference as they have the money to field a great product. Nice band for a start up.

TROY - Has a great coach and a system that works. Have finally developed an identity. Fan base has incredible expectations. Best band by a bunch and has a very good program for a place that shouldn't even have one. Couldn't gain a yard on 3 (or 4th) and 1 on a bet.

Just my perceptions. Don't claim to be right. Hoping to see what other think about SBC teams.

12-02-2009, 11:52 PM
Pretty good assessments.......

Hemi Man
12-03-2009, 07:26 AM
I think WKU challenges for the league championship in 2 years. Schnelly has either lost control or FAU is full of thugs. I think Dasher holds MT back some. A more accurate QB with average legs has that team rolling even better. (It is easier to spy on a running QB then it is to cover 5 receivers). I expected more of FIU. I honestly think Arkansas St placed all their hopes on beating Troy and they lost focus after that game. We will learn a lot about our coaching staff next year. We lose a lot, but we still have a good bit of talent.

12-03-2009, 08:52 AM
"FAU - Thugs and no (zero) class. Seems harsh but I have reasons for my perception. With the incredible number of players in their area, they should be great. They have shown flashes of what they can do."

Seems realistic after watching this year's game vs Troy. Sad tho, I used to respect Schnelly.


12-03-2009, 09:11 AM
I honestly think Arkansas St placed all their hopes on beating Troy and they lost focus after that game. We will learn a lot about our coaching staff next year. We lose a lot, but we still have a good bit of talent.

Given stAte's results this year, I have to agree with several stAte fans we befriended at their tailgate this year..coaching. Focus, motivation, concentration..all coaching challenges. I haven't visited the RedWolf boards lately but I'll bet $$ they are hanging Steve what's his names (Redmon) neck.

The Trojan/Red Wolf game was as pivotal, if not more so, for Troy as it was for the Red Wolves. We were 1-2 at the time, 1st conf battle, and a very good MUTS team staring us in the face the next week. Lose at stAte and we may have lost focus??

It was a huge, come from behind victory for our TROJANS!


12-03-2009, 09:28 AM
TROY - Has a great coach and a system that works (NO DOUBTS HERE). Have finally developed an identity (Condomhead has a nice ring to it these days!). Fan base has incredible expectations (incredible fans have high expectations). Best band by a bunch (SOTS Rules) and has a very good program for a place that shouldn't even have one (Anyone have a spare dollar for a young program??). Couldn't gain a yard on 3 (or 4th) and 1 on a bet. (I wouldn'na bet $100 on that 3rd and whatever at stAte when Dantavious threw that 18-yard strike either!... Wait 'till next year, we got Southward, Hampton, DJ Taylor...all capable on 3rd and shorts).

Thanks for the refreshing post JCTroy75, food for reflection and thought.... beats the hell out of that Bowl chat.


Buzz Lightyear
12-03-2009, 12:00 PM
BOWL!!!! Did someone say BOWL!!!!

newnan trojan
12-03-2009, 02:01 PM
WKU...will Win games next year...Dont understand why they cant win any this season...I do however feel like tonight will be the night they win, playing ASU.

ASU...They have just givin up on their season plan and simple...They played us hard and almost beat a top 10 team...being 3-8 is aweful....seems to me they need a coaching change. Their coach should have never let them lose focus!!

ULM...Good team, probally one of the best in their history. They should have beaten ULL, instead lose and also lost their coach for not getting the job done.

ULL...This team is just average....year after year they end up being 6-6...they need a coaching change as well!

North TX....Just bad, year after year for the past 4years! Dodge hasnt changed ANYTHING. He needs to go. They have gone from 4in a row of being the best, to 4in a row of being one of the worst...If they dont get rid of their HS coach nothing will change here!

MTSU....VERY good team, I still feel TROY is the better team but if we were to play them again we wouldnt hold them to only 7points...Troy and MTSU are about on the same level. Next year MTSU returns most players, not sure TROY will be able to stop them next year.

FAU...I dont think they are thugs. what happend last year I feel was an accident and their fans were cheering not because they hurt our player, but in fact because they didnt realize at the time there was a player hurt and were sooo excited to be on their way to NO that they didnt realize that. FAU this year on the other hand is rediculous...Hope Troy doesnt have this epic failure. Maybe Snelly is losing his touch?

FIU...They are improving. 2years ago they were like WKU and hadnt won a game...They didnt do quite as well as expected this year, but lets keep our eye out on them for next year! I look for them to beat FAU this week!

TROY...of cource im bias....WE are the cream of the crop in the SBC, obviously...Troy went 8-0 for the first time in SBC history, and an EXPLOSIVE OFFENSE...IF Troy has a defence of a few years ago OMG, Troy would probally be 11-1 currently and in the top 15 in the country...I look for Troy to be in the top 3 next year.

12-03-2009, 02:05 PM
We destroyed a lot of BAD teams in a BAD league with a BAD commissioner and BAD referees who should never watch another football game.


12-04-2009, 12:42 AM
Messenger & Navarre Trojan to post. I would really love to see what you guys think of the season.

12-04-2009, 01:24 AM

12-04-2009, 01:29 AM
we destroyed a lot of bad teams in a bad league with a bad commissioner and bad referees who should never watch another football game.

I'm not bitter!


Navarre Trojan
12-04-2009, 10:53 AM
ASU - Disappointed! How does this guy keep his job for 2010. I was told by a booster (former QB at stAte) that Corey Lennoard wasn't all he was cracked up to be, that he kept the ball too long, took sacks, etc. So I watched that and have to agree! I, like you, thought they would be much better. They remind me of Troy about two or three years ago (and still somewhat today) that they seem to play down or up depending on their opponent. They play these GREAT games against Iowa/Troy/Louisville and then turn around and lose to FAU, barely beat N. Texas and Western Ky. I have a hard time figure this team out. It appears that there is talent all over the field and there are skills, but they have a tough time with intensity and consistency - like I said Troy a few years ago.

MTSU - Next best team in the Belt. This team, IF THEY KEEP Stockstill, will be the team to beat next year, IMO. They return 15 or 16 kids, to include Dasher; Franklins 2nd season there could be MONSTOUROUS! You know he is going to bring in a QB that can run that system and he doesn't have a problem sitting the incumbent down and putting in "his" guy. There are some rumors that Stocks is on his way to Memphis and that could set back the program. To that end, there are SEVERAL openings in the college ranks right now, so there may be openings for him in other venues as well. Look for them to win their bowl game.

ULL - Another team that I can't figure out. As you know, I went to the this game last week and there is OMG Talent on the La-La team. So what is wrong? I think there biggest problem is depth, even against Sun Belt competition. Troy beats them up and down the field in the first quarter, they come storming back and take the lead at 25-24, then they just seem to quit. I know their QB got hurt but #2 comes in and looks good but just couldn't block down when it counted. I also thought they had a lot of "chop block" issues and they will need to get that worked out and this is probably due to their 'cut back' or mis-direction style of running game. Also, best Tight End I saw all year in the league. Guy is a MONSTER, what 6'6"/250 and lines up on the line or out wide and F-A-S-T and only a soph!

WKU - Young and impatient. I fear they may have made the move a year or two early to D-1. Their success at the 1-AA level may have influenced them and provided some delusions of grandeur and they are struggling with that. They have fired their coach and hired an alumni from Stanford (I think) which should bring some fire and some opportunities to a young staff (which this guy should bring in), so, I think this is still a wait and see. New coach, ZERO Head Coaching experience, behind the curve in recruiting (hard to get kids you recruited for Stanford to come to WKU so I think it will take him a year or two to get his feet wet. Stanford is a run first type of team and this is what I expect out of WKU in the upcoming years. If this is the case, they will be in the minority in this conference, which may give them success. I still think they are two or three years away.

N. Texas - Unfortunately I think they are stuck in their "Jerry Foust" era. This aint Kansas, Toto, and this aint Carroll West Lake High School either and Dodge Ball aint gettin' it done! I think Riley is an awesome QB and regrets to this day for ever coming to N. Texas. This kid was the NUMBER 1 RECRUITED QB IN THE STATE! We're not talking about the state of Oklahoma or the state of Idaho or Delaware, we are talking about the state of TEXAS, arguably the best state for high school talent (easy Florida and California fans I said "arguably") and he goes to play for Dad and they can't get the turnip out of the mules mouth! Todd Dodge keeps his job for another year, probably because the admin fears that if they fire him they lose Riley, and then the program goes south for another 3 or 4 years. I will say this, if there isn't marked improvement next year, look for Todd and Staff to be back in the Texas HSAA state finals in 2012 with the Dillion Panthers!

ULM - My assessment: HUNGRY and YOUNG (only 19 seniors on the entire team). They miss bowling this year (although eligible) because of the hiccup with UL. They win that game and the Belt has 3 teams going bowling. Would have probably sent ULM to Detroit, but who cares, they would have gone! Then they fire Charlie Weatherbie, and that is a mistake. BTW, have you ever been to Monroe, La? They talk about Troy and the middle of nowhere, but Monroe, La is the definition of nowhere. Lost off of I-20 somewhere and Charlie has these kids playing within an inch of bowling, with a 6-6 record, has beaten Alabama (OMG that day) and built that program from nothing. I thought this was a bad firing (about as bad as keeping Dodge in Denton!). Who ever they bring in is going to have their work cut out for them to keep this program on the upside. Tough place to recruit to, probably considered the 4th or 5th best place to play in the state (LSU, La. Tech, UL, tie ULM/Northwestern). I think they have taken two steps back, but we will have to wait and see.

FAU - Sorry, this team is a "wanna be" and probably a 'never gonna be' IMO. They had a couple of years there 2007 and 08, where they beat Troy when we played really, really bad until about 8 minutes left in the game and Omar almost got us the win anyway, and they go to the New Orleans Bowl then Howard's name and his negotiation ability gets them to Mo-Town last year. I think they are in for some long, long days. Rusty Smith as a flash in the pan, never saw much from him. The kid from Navarre, Fl (Van Camp) is going to be running for his life if they don't get some kids down there who can block for that offense they run. Don't be surprised if FIU doesn't beat them Saturday. Now, they are young on defense, but the returning talent doesn't impress me. Offensively, they lose 8 seniors, which means LOTS OF WORK TO DO! I think Howard gets his stadium built, they call it Schnelly Field and he goes off into the sunset (maybe stays as the AD but coaching soon to be over), he will be 80 in 2010, so.....

FIU - Second or third largest school in Florida! Alumni base from hell! Can't put a team on any athletic surface (except volleyball) that is representative of their student body/alumni numbers! I don't get it. I think, based on the recent actions to dissolve the band activities that the focus on athletics from the administration isn't there. Which is cool, move to NAIA or D-III and call it good, if that is the case. I think when they fired Strock it was the biggest mistake they could make. Cristobal is their next sacrificial lamb and that is too bad. He played at Miami, is Cuban American, seems to be the perfect fit at FIU, yet can't get them over the hump. They probably win against FAU to go 4-8, and that is about as good as it gets. I don't see this team getting 3 or 4 more wins next year, which is what it is going to take and I think they KILL THE SUN BELT with attendance. They are soon to be back in D-1AA (which is probably where they need to be competing).

USA - I don't know anything about the band (but I know you do) but I do know that they may be a force to recon with in about 5 years. The best thing they have going for them is next year's recruiting. This is a chance to get some second and third tier guys to come there and play. Recruit them with, "look dude, you have a chance to take a program from the play ground to haloed ground". Kids they bring in next year will be part of the first 'real team' as well as part of the first D-1 team. It gives them time to build and mature and turn this 2nd/3rd tier guys into D-1 players without having to do this over A spring and summer, but several springs and summers. I am anxious to see how this perceived "hotbed of talent" that the folks of Mobile think they have infiltrates at South. I don't think it hurts Troy there simply because our efforts aren't concentrated there. I think the city of Mobile will hurt Troy's recruiting more than the program, so that is a concern. On the other hand, some kids may want to get to the 'country' where they can concentrate on studies and skill development without social pressures. South is going to be GREAT for the Sun Belt and Troy. Another away game that is easily attended by Troy and South fans alike.

Navarre Trojan
12-04-2009, 10:54 AM
Troy - Best thing Troy has going for it, consistency and an awesome Strength and Conditioning program. Shaughnessy will make sure the returnees are ready and newbies get ready. I think this is the biggest asset Troy Athletics as a whole and the football team in general has going for it. I am a bit concerned with the knee injuries we seem to be getting, but I think some of that is just BAD LUCK. We will absolutely miss Levi Brown and some NFL team is going to get a guy that is extremely accurate and tough. His ability to 'feel' the pocket and know when to release is uncanny. We bring back good skills and line play on the offensive side. Southward is the real deal, if he stays healthy. D Harris is back as well but better learn to run THROUGH THE HOLE no TO THE HOLE! And please, please can we do two things next year: (1) learn to get under center when we need less than 6 fricking feet for a first down and (2) that there are NO BONUS POINTS FOR NOT USING YOUR TIME OUTS!! Defense will be much more balanced, skills wise, next year. Our linebackers will be the least experienced while the line will have plenty (due to the rotation that we have employed) and the DBs should be much better. Many folks have complained (including myself) but these cats were YOUNG, and the 'leader' decides that going to class isn't a priority and BOOM, immediately behind the power/learning curve. I venture to say, we play Bowling Green this weekend instead of the first weekend and we are at 10-2 vs. 9-3 (and as it has turned out, that loss isn't all that embarrassing, Sheehan is the #3 rated passer in the NCAA, behind Lefever at UCM, Brown at Troy, then Sheehan).

My thoughts, recap and future look. Like you, don't claim to be right, just adding to the conversation. Enjoy.

The Messenger
12-04-2009, 11:15 AM
To start things off, a lot of teams in the Sun Belt are just flat out impossible to figure out. On that note:

Arkansas State: I expected a lot more out of them. I originally thought the way the played us was indicative of how good they were and how their season was going to go. It now looks like it was more about how bad we were playing at the time. It's sad how they just fell apart as the season went on as I have a lot of respect for them. And after last night, who knows where they go from here.

Florida Atlantic: They've fallen off a shocking degree since our 2007 game. They have plenty of talent but it looks like no discipline. I really would've liked to see Levi vs Rusty but oh well. Their running back is a monster and Van Camp has a lot of potential. Very disappointing season.

Florida International: Another that is seriously underachieving. They have plenty of talent and I really like Cristobal and what he's doing. Lots of talent but kind of sloppy. I felt they should've contended for the Sun Belt title this year. We'll see what happens from here on out.

Louisiana-LaFayette: A surprise (IMO) this season. I really thought with the loss of Desormeaux and Fenroy they were going to be terrible because that was all they had last year. For all of the folks talking about their coaching, they did a really good job this year. They went from a very good rushing offense to an effective passing offense that won them some big games. If Bustle can build on what they did this year, they'll be in the mix for the title from now on. On a side note, some of their fans (especially the ones on their forum) are really working hard to steal the Prick Fan awards from MTSU.

Louisiana-Monroe: Competitive as usual. Up and down as usual. Good team, just a little inconsistent. Still on my good side for beating Alabama. While they did not finish their season well, I don't agree with getting rid of Weatherbie. Oh well.

Middle Tennessee: Wow. I knew Franklin was going to help them but they looked really good on offense this year. They're always going to be in the running for the title in my opinion. However, I don't worry about them too much because like I've told many people: Tony Franklin doesn't coach defense. That said, they had an excellent season. And to some of their fans: No one cares if Murfreesboro is a nicer city (it is beautiful). No one cares if MTSU is a bigger or better school. You can look down on us all you want. We currently own you on the football field. Until you beat us again, it's nothing more than whining from the loser.

North Texas: The only thing they are missing is a defense. Their offense has been good but they've got to be able to stop people. I do respect them for giving Dodge another year. We'll see how it goes. And Dunbar's a beast.

TROY: My boys. We're doing good things. Really good things. The offense is damn near unstoppable when it comes to conference play. The o-line killed it all season. Levi has been a blessing in disguise and the receiving corps is ridiculous. On the running side, be it known, one of the main reasons we swept the conference is because of Shawn Southward. It helps that almost every time the running back touches the ball he gets positive yardage. He helped us more than lot of people know. Also loved seeing Maurice contribute during his senior year. The defense, while not as stellar across the board still had a good year. The linemen are monsters. They played their tails off all year. The linebackers, while a little too aggressive at times, also had a solid year. The secondary, well, I'm going to chalk most of that up to youth and/or inexperience. Willis is going to be amazing and the rest of the guys made plays when they had to. Special teams, while not as explosive, did it's thing and didn't lose any games for us. Taylor did it up when he stepped in for Glusman. As for coaching, I'll simply say this. I think our guys are much better recruiters and game-planners than they are game time coaches. But, they must be doing something right if we swept the conference, no matter how you look at it. As for the future, I was a little worried (especially on defense) until I had a close look at some of our 2nd and 3rd stringers. Addison is going to be a freak and the young linebackers look really good. Also, the secondary will have more experience. I'm really looking forward to the QB battle. Between Jamie, Dan, Corey, and Jenkins (and maybe even Tanner), I think we're going to be okay.

Western Kentucky: Sad, really. Not sad as in they suck but sad as in they should've won some games this year. They're headed in the right direction and they were really stupid for firing Elson. You're not going to jump up from the FCS and start beating everybody. Whatever. They should keep getting better.

Sun Belt: The conference has gotten better but it still at the bottom of the food chain. However, it is on the same level as the other non-AQ conferences is my opinion. The top of the MWC may be a better other than that the Sun Belt can hang with those conferences. But, we are not above this conference as some of you like to think. This is where we need to be and we need to keep winning. Winning will take care of everyting. Respect. Attendance. Support. We just need to win.