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UL-Lafayette to allow beer at football games

There just became a good reason to go to a Sun Belt football game. UL-Lafayette has OK’ed beer at home football games this year, a rarity in college football. According to “Louisiana’s News Channel,” WAFB, the Ragin’ Cajuns will be joining Tulane as the only other school in the Pelican State to give the thumbs up to suds among the unwashed public.

“[Lafayette] athletics now has a contract with a professional concessionaire firm that has the experience, personnel and training to ensure that all state laws and safety issues concerning the sale of alcohol will be followed,” university athletic director David Walker said in a statement.

LSU, which sets the benchmark in the SEC for famously drunk, insane, stabby tailgating, isn’t moving to the wet side yet. The school’s position is that while all other conference schools ban booze among those not in luxury boxes, LSU will as well.

We had a discussion with a fellow Alabama fan concerning this issue following the 2006 Cotton Bowl, where beer was served. She suggested that if schools got a cut from beer sales, they could make bank on it. We agreed, but still thought it was a bad idea. First, students, alumni, fans and others will still sneak minibottles, flasks and any other liquid-carrying device in the stadium. Second, people get out of hand as it is. Just check the crime blotter in The Gamecock after a home game — it’s hysterical.

Minnestota, which is leaving the aged Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome for a spankin’ new stadium this year, had an alcohol ban placed on it by the state legislature. Holly Anderson (@nastinchka, if you’re nasty), writing at Dr. Saturday, put it the best when it comes to an SEC perspective on wet v. dry football stadiums.

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