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10-09-2004, 10:31 PM
NMSU beat ULL and North Texas beat Utah State.

MTSU KILLED Arky State and LSU won over Florida.

So for us to go to the New Orleans bowl, besides winning the rest of our Sunbelt games, two things still need to happen. North Texas has to lose and NMSU has to lose. One of these two things will happen in two weeks when they play one another.

There is hope, even if each of those teams runs the table. We've got a trump card to play. We've got to beat LSU. That game is mucho important now. I don't think the Big XII or the SEC will be able to meet their bowl commitments (root for Southern Miss to beat Bama, trust me guys). This could open up some bowl slots. We also need Navy to drop a few games. Each of the other mid-major conferences need to only have enough bowl-eligible teams to fufill their conference obligations and no more. Sounds like a lot eh? But if all of these things happen and Troy can finish 9-2 with wins over LSU, Mizzou, and probably the MAC champion (Marshall) along with playing South Carolina on the road close, then we would get in a bowl slot.

This happened last year, that's how Navy got in the bowl they were in. Big XII wasn't able to fufill their bowl commitment.

Anyway, keep scoreboard watching in the Belt and just win baby. Everything else will take care of itself.

10-10-2004, 12:47 PM
I hope you're right.

That said, I remember some pretty good UCF, USF and UAB teams that got no bowl shots, despite 8- and 9-win seasons.

We need to draw lots of fans to our remaining away games to show that Trojans will travel.

Beating LSU (man, the Gators really choked last night) would give Troy that Cinderella media attention again.

10-10-2004, 01:24 PM
A good Marshall, Conneticut, and an even better Northern, IL team got shafted last year by the whole bowl thing too.

Somebody in our league has to finally step up and beat North Texas. I think NMSU will lose, if not to North Texas then maybe to Utah State.

There's going to be lots of discussion and probably a 5 minute list of "Which little schools got screwed." on Sportscenter after the bowl selection. Mark, Trev, and Reece will go to bat for us. After that though, Troy and the other littlebittys will just be a small, small footnote to the whole bowl thing.

I can see my stomach turning now if a 6-5 Alabama team (with one win over a 1AA team) goes to a bowl and some of the little bittys don't. Or how about a 6-5 Nebraska team going bowling while we sit at home.

Of course, this will all assume a lot. The big thing being that we win the rest of our conference games. Right now, that is a huge assumption, but if Leak plays like he did against Utah State, we will win the rest of our games and that INCLUDES LSU.

The whole bowl system is so screwed up. There are going to be several teams in big conferences going into the last 3 weeks that need to win 2 out of 3 just to become bowl eligible (and some of them will) at 6-5. How can you recruit against those guys when you have to tell your players that you have to win every single one of your conference games just to have a chance to go to a bowl?

The gap between the have and the "have nots" still is pretty dog gone wide.

10-10-2004, 04:21 PM
I thought NMSU's loss to UTEP counted as a confernce loss. If so, then why should we still be worrying about them?

10-10-2004, 04:40 PM
It did Sarah, but that just means we'd be tied. And since they beat us, techically, they'd have a tie-breaker over us.

The New Orleans bowl is able to make the decision though on who goes if there is a tie. Not sure if they'd take the tie-breaker thing into consideration or not.

10-10-2004, 04:54 PM
I thought NMSU's loss to UTEP counted as a confernce loss. If so, then why should we still be worrying about them?

SunBelt Conf Standings as of Oct. 10, from SunBelt website: conf and overall in ()
UNT (2-0)(2-4)
NMSU (2-1)(2-4)
TROY (1-1)(3-2)
ULL (1-1)(3-3)
ULM (1-1)(1-4)
ASU (1-1)(1-5)
MTS (1-2)(2-3)
USU (1-2)(2-4)

FAU is (2-0)(4-0) Good thing they don't count, except in TROY's conference record to compensate for not playing North Texas - who lost to FAU 20-13 in Texas.

It seems every other school in the SunBelt does a better job playing teams in the SunBelt than non-conference games. TROY is the only school whose overal record is better than their conference record (except Idaho which has its only win in a non-conf. game). The only team without a conf. loss is North Texas and we don't have a chance to play them this year, so all we can do is hope one of the five games they have left is a loss. If they go 7-4 after starting 0-4, I'll be shocked, but they'll get the kudos they deserve and the bowl.

All we can do is win our conference games, any other factors that affect our bowl potential are irrelevant. Winning our non-conference games is a plus and may affect the outcome as well. I'll be at the LSU game. After they upset FL, they may be looking past TROY....let's hope so.

This week, beat ASU. One game at a time is the only way to get to New Orleans, or anywhere besides a couch during bowl season.