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Mike Cunningham
05-28-2009, 06:14 PM
We have started a BLOG (http://www.gotroytrojans.blogspot.com)for all TROJAN fans to read. As of today, we will have three regular bloggers and I am working on two more.

My idea is to have five very different kinds of Trojans blogging on different aspects of TROY and how TROY fits into their life and life experiences (future, present, and past).

The three bloggers currently are:

Myself: my perspective will be as the owner of this site, a fairly recent alum (2000) that lives 1000 miles away (Illinois) and how I still incorporate TROY into my daily life.

CattouseFan: his prospective will be as GoTroyTrojans.com's official recruiting guru. You will notice his title has officially changed under his username in his posts. We welcome CattouseFan into an official affiliation with the website and look forward to his continued contribution.

Trojan Delta Chi: also known as Burn the Horse on the blog. He will give us the perspective of a fraternity member recent alum (2007) and what it's like to go through the process of using his TROY degree to get a job, decisions to buy season tickets, join alum assoc, etc.

Check out the BLOG (http://gotroytrojans.blogspot.com), each of us have our first introductory posts up. While I find mine boring (I wrote it), I found CattouseFan's UNBELIEVABLE. I'm not sure if anyone here knows his story but I was BLOWN AWAY when I read it. I also didn't know TDC was the founder of The Legion. I have enjoyed their first posts and look forward to learning more about their unique TROJAN lives.

I hope you enjoy this new part of the website. I'm hoping this will give the Trojan community a way to learn more about our fellow Trojans and have a deeper respect for the diversity (yet sameness) that being a TROJAN is all about.

What the GoTroyTrojans.com blog is NOT: A place to be censored, feel trapped and reserved. The bloggers have free reign on posting with only once caveat; it must pertain to TROY in some fashion (don't rant about being cut off in traffic unless it was by a freakin' bamer!). And the must post frequently. The definition of frequent is left up to the individual blogger, but I would expect we'll see less posts in the summer and more during the school's athletic year. All comments regarding individual posts should be brought back here to the message board by starting an appropriatly named thread.

Please link to the website in any capacity (other blogs, etc) that you feel appropriate. Any questions, let me know.


05-28-2009, 07:37 PM
CattouseFan's story is awesome. I like the blog idea, and love what you are doing with the site!