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12-18-2004, 03:18 AM
HOUSTON -- Angry Houston athletic director Dave Maggard, calling Nebraska "gutless," accused the Cornhuskers Friday of backing out of a verbal agreement to play next fall and scheduling Division I-AA Maine instead.
"This is absolutely unprofessional in every way," Maggard said in online editions of the Houston Chronicle. "It's gutless. Spineless. They're going to have to live with it. I've lost a tremendous amount of respect for that program. I think that for college athletics, it's shameful."

Maggard said he arranged a nationally televised game between the Cougars and Nebraska.

Then, he said he learned two days ago on a phone call from Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson that the game won't be played. Now Houston and ESPN are scrambling to find another opponent for Sept. 1 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

"Essentially Nebraska bailed on the game," Maggard told KRIV-TV in Houston.

"Our policy has always been we have never made comment about any potential or future opponent until such time that a contract is signed, and there was no signed contract in this case," Nebraska athletic department spokeswoman Chris Anderson said.

Anderson said Pederson would not address Maggard's comments.

Mike Soltys, vice president in charge of communications at ESPN, said the game was scheduled for the network's Thursday night opener before Nebraska decided to go in a different direction.

"We're going to figure out a solution, but they (the Huskers) are developing a reputation for hanging people out to dry. I think it's a sad commentary on the people running that athletic program," Maggard said.

12-18-2004, 07:27 AM
At least Trojans had a contract with Iowa State. With whom did the Cyclones replaced Troy?

They are the true gutless ones. I'd like to hear our AD say that publicly.

... And UAB, too, if it bails on the 2005 Troy contract.

12-18-2004, 09:20 AM
Maybe we can play Houston in Nebraska's place. The Big XII is truly gutless. Arkstatefan and some others mentioned it earlier. With Nebraska and Iowa State ducking out, that's 2 that have backed out of contracts already just this year. I'm sure there has been/will be more. I'm glad the Houston AD called them out. He should have used the word "COWARDS" though. What happens when Nebraska and all the other schools that are using their 1-AA win for every four years to count towards bowl eligibility (*cough* *cough* Bama, UNC *cough* *cough*) have used it up? I'm predicting that in about 2007, we're REALLY going to have a shortage of bowl eligible teams. The gap's closing between the "haves" and "have nots". The BCS schools know this. Expect some NCAA legislation to come soon to try to put us littlebittys back in our place. Pandora's box has been opened BCS clowns! All Hail the littlebitty's! "The streets shall flow with the blood of the non-believers!"

"Nobody roots for Goliath." -Wilt Chamberlain

12-18-2004, 10:38 AM
I'm glad one of the mid-major's ADs finally stood up and spoke the truth! Power to the mid-majors!!

Navarre Trojan
12-20-2004, 09:36 AM
that this is what all can expect. With the "super conferences" not having enough "qualified teams" to meet their bowl commitments, conferences are going to do what ever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again (you know, the filthy rich want it all type thing). Some conferences had 2 or 3 open slots. This opens up opportunities for the mid majors to grow, get exposure, get a SLICE OF THE TURNOVER (didn't think it was right to call it pie - as there is only one "pie" and the BCS conferences have that rapped up).

The BCS conferences ARE NOT going to allow this to happen, in the future, if they can help it. They want as much of "all the money" as they can get and screw the little guy. Well, the problem may now be that the athlete is wanting to go to a college that is going to allow them to play, right away. With this type of athlete coming to the Troy's of the world, they are becoming more and more competitive. The playing field is becoming more and more balanced. The 85/25 rule, along with title IX, is making this a reality and putting those "middle of the road" BCS schools (Iowa State, Missouri, Baylor, Illinois, Indiana, etc)on the HOT SEAT!

These guys are going to "hedge their bets" by scheduling D-1AA opponents (con count them once every 3 three years), as well as those "mid majors" that are still trying to compete in the Sun Belts, MACs, C-USAs and WACs of the world. I think the ADs (of which we do not have - yet) of the Sun Belt (and other mid-major conferences)should stand up and fight, as the Houston AD did.

I think the "buy outs" should become a MAJOR consideration of those schools when the "big school" tries this stunt. Make it extremely difficult for them to "buy out" their contract. Iowa State, you can be sure, struggles in the mighty Big 12, with their football program, as does the Baylor's and Kansas's. When they have to fess up $350K to "buy out" a contract, plus have to guarantee $$s to another team to come to Ames, Iowa, makes it much more difficult to back out.

No matter what, scheduling is going to be a much more difficult task as long as we are being successful. I say let the Big 12 rest for a while. We have some tough SEC games as well as FSU. Let's go get some C-USA and MAC opponents to fill our schedule. This is the same type of "scheduling" tactic that other universities use. Bring in Miami (Ohio), Bowling Green, UCF or others along these lines and put these schools in the mix.

I think we are in real trouble with our season for next year if we don't get the AD hired and him/her on the job getting the schedule corrected and filled. I just hope Dr. Jack realizes this and gets this task signed off.

Troy Trojan - Forever

12-20-2004, 10:15 AM
I am a born and raised Nebraska fan, and I follow alot of what they do, and I can tell you this new AD is not making friends in Lincoln. The things he has done over the past year or two have caused alot of problems.

He has pulled way to many things like this and not produced jack for it, so look for him to be fired or quit within the next 12 - 16 months if Nebraska does not turn the program around. Its not just football it happening in, its through all sports.