View Full Version : Looks like no one's getting Brackins...

12-14-2004, 02:07 PM
We've talked about Larry Brackins here before (the Dothan High wideout who signed with Troy out of HS but has been considering offers from Alabama, FSU, Miami, etc.)

Now it appears he's going to test the NFL waters right out of junior college..


12-14-2004, 02:57 PM
It shows me he still hasn't learned to get his grades up and it also shows me he is dumber than I thought.

Trojan by Birth
12-14-2004, 03:55 PM
This guy dumb? $250,000 minimum salary and at least $300,000 signing bonus. I don't call that dumb. He may not be academically inclined, but I bet his "dumb" a$$ will be endorsing big fat checks.

12-14-2004, 06:15 PM
He doesn't have a shot at making it. He won't get a penny because he ain't ready.