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Coaches Talking Points

There is much to be proud of in the Sun Belt Conference relative to football. There is also much going on behind the scenes to make the future even brighter, we want you to have all these facts in front of you as you prepare for the 2008 Conference Media Days

1. POST SEASON BOWLS. On Tuesday morning we will announce a relationship with the Papa Johns Bowl (Birmingham), St. Petersburg Bowl (St. Petersburg, FL) and the PetroSun Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA). These agreements call for Sun Belt conference teams with winning records to serve as alternates should the bowls primary contractual partner not have sufficient numbers of teams. SBC teams will be eligible for 5 bowls.
a. There are now 34 bowls and 70 is the average number of teams that are bowl eligible.
b. SEC 9 vs. Big East 5 (Papa Johns) – the SEC has never had 9 teams available in years in which they have had 2 in the BCS. The chances of us replacing the SEC and playing Big East 5 are excellent.
c. Big East 6 vs. CUSA 7 (St. Petersburg) both Big East 6 and CUSA 7 are suspect. The Big East averages 6 teams as bowl eligible and would not have a team should they have two in the BCS. CUSA was two teams short of fulfilling on the last week of the season last year.
d. Big XII 7 vs. SEC 8 (PetroSun Bowl) this bowl has had only one year (2005) when it was short a team – but the Big XII and SEC have added bowls and we believe this is an opportunity to create a relationship for future negotiations. They have 2 years remaining on their current agreements.
1. As America’s newest FBS Conference we have yet to establish large followings of fans (4000 is the highest number of tickets sales to date) this is our best opportunity to insure our schools will stay regional and build up a following.
2. Creating bowls is expensive. To establish a traditional bowl we are looking at a 1.5M annual investment as opposed to no risk in these games and a guaranteed net pay out.
3. If we had gone the traditional route only three leagues have teams available for games, this gives us an opportunity to play higher profile opponents and improve our own power rankings with a victory.
4. Creating a bowl in our geographical area would require being the second game in an existing city. Moving out of our area would create a travel hardship for fans. We are still in the attendance business.
5. These are all bowls managed by experienced professionals that will insure the best bowl experience for our student/athletes.
2. STRENGTH OF THE SUN BELT. 2007 saw the second time in 4 years that the SBC has passed the Mid American in various power rankings. This is important as BCS dollars are partially distributed based on the strength of the league relative to other non-automatic qualifying conference. The SBC received an additional 500K because of this success. There are 119 teams in FBS. The average of teams in the five “non-automatic qualifying” conferences for 2007 was Mountain West 60.6,; WAC 79.5; CUSA 87.3; SBC 89.77; MAC 93.1. As you can see, we are ahead of the MAC and have closed the gap with CUSA. 2.4 represent about one game.
3. BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (BCS) MEMBERSHIP. As a member of the BCS our conference receives the same rights and opportunities as any other league. We can play our way into becoming an automatic qualifying conference. We have a vote on all issues. We have enhanced access to the five BCS bowl games. An opportunity that the WAC has enjoyed the past two years. If Boise and Hawaii can play in a BCS game then so can we.
4. SUN BELT CONFERENCE VERSUS REGIONAL RIVAL. In the past 2 years SBC and CUSA have played 15 times, the Sun Belt holds an 8-7 advantage. The Sun Belt has dominated the past two R-L Carriers New Orleans Bowls.

5. 2007 HIGH PROFILE WINS. Proof positive that the league can compete at the highest level. Troy defeats Oklahoma State, Florida Atlantic defeats Minnesota and ULM defeats Alabama.
6. SCHEDULES ARE CHANGING. We are seeing changes in non-conference schedules as more teams are able to attract high profile teams to their campus as part of home and home series. Even as guarantees are going up (1M has become a minimum) the number of teams willing to come to our facilities has increased. This is important as it adds to credibility, enhances crowds and creates national attention.
7. FACILITIES IMPROVING. WKU is improving their facility; FIU stadium will open in September, FAU and UNT have been authorized to begin the stadium process. ASU, ULL, ULM have installed new turf and ULL has opened an indoor training facility.
8. BETTER PLAYERS. Two first round draft choices in the past 4 years. Demarcus Ware 2005 draft 11th pick to Dallas and Leodis McKelvin 11th pick in 2008 draft to Buffalo.
9. ATTENDANCE. From humble beginnings of per game averaging less than 10,000 as a conference in 2001 to over 20, 000 in 2007 significant gains have been made at the turnstile.
10. TELEVISION. From no TV in 2001 to 5 national broadcast and 8 regional games in 2007, to 4 national games and 10 regional games in 2008.
11. COACHES. Sun Belt Conference coaches represent a cross section of the coaching community; all have either competed as players or coaches at the national championship level.
12. OFFICIATING. Conference officials have continued to distinguish themselves by being selected to work post season bowl games that do not involve Sun Belt teams. 2007 Liberty Bowl. Conference continues to upgrade the XOs Instant Replay System (also used by Big XII, Pac 10, WAC, MWC, MAC) next significant upgrade is in 2010 as we will switch to digital cameras.
13. ACADEMICS. 12 of 13 Sun Belt Schools graduate student/athletes at rates higher than the student body. 180 Football student-athletes were recognized for having a 3.00 average of higher during 2007-08.
14. COMMUNITY SERVICE. The Sun Belt Conference football staffs that participated in the clinics to assist the New Orleans Recreation Department July 2007 were nationally recognized by NCAA Football, Inc, AFCA, NCAA and National Football Foundation.
15. FUTURE. WKU will join the league in 2009, which will result in 4 home and 4 away games. South Alabama will join the league in 2013 and we will remain at 8 conference games rotating teams each year.

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I told you Birmingham would be in there.

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What is the 5th Bowl Sunbelt teams would be eligible for? Counting the New Orleans bowl, the three mentioned only make four. GMAC maybe?

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What is the 5th Bowl Sunbelt teams would be eligible for? Counting the New Orleans bowl, the three mentioned only make four. GMAC maybe?

BCS. Now extra text to be a legal post.