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07-11-2008, 10:13 AM
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Published: July 9, 2008
TROY ó Will Chambliss has been a constant in the offensive line rotation for the past two years.
Heís spent his final summer as a Troy college student ministering to youth at a Souled Out conference and in nearby Union Springs while dropping some weight to get quicker for his senior season.
Chambliss spent time recently with the Dothan Eagle for an interview
How has your summer gone?
I spent two weeks in June in Laguna Beach doing a Souled Out conference, which is a Christian retreat where I was a small group leader. I had senior high guys, and it was an awesome week. The chaplain at South Carolina spoke. It was a great week.
Up here, itís been a blessing because Iíve already graduated and I donít have to take any classes. Iíve been doing workouts here in the morning and the evenings and talking to a youth group in Union Springs. Itís been awesome keeping me accountable to them.
How did the slip-and-slide feature in Sports Illustrated in 2006 come about? (Chambliss has a big hill by his house in Troy.)
They sent it in to Sports Illustrated and they said it was great idea to focus on team bonding. We unrolled a long tarp and poured a bunch of Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Weíve had all sorts of kids do it. Itís not just the football team any more. The youngest is a 5-year-old and the oldest is (strength and conditioning) coach (Richard) Shaughnessy. Weíre trying to get some of the academic mentors to come do it.
Are you looking to go into the ministry?
Very much so. This coming fall, Iím going to expend all my football-playing abilities and opportunities, but thatís a big question mark. You canít plan for that, you can just train and if itís in the Lordís will, thatís what Iíll do. Iím looking at Southwestern Theological Seminar, which is in Fort Worth, or Liberty, which is in Lynchburg, Va.
Maybe thatís why people say you donít have a mean streak?
I donít know. I donít really think so. I guess I donít have a mean streak. I think I do. Itís a new year, itís a new slate, Iím going to go out there and play my hardest and whatever happens, happens. I just want to get out there and do whatís best for the team.
What kind of ministry do you want to get in to?
I really like youth ministry. I love growing people up in their faith. Iíve started an accountability group where me and four other players ó Jamie Hampton, Jacob Creech, Tyler Clark and Fred Turner are meeting weekly and trying to develop our relationship to grow in Christ ó to make sure weíre living right, reading (the Bible) weekly and make sure weíre not slacking off during the summer.
Whatís your height and weight now?
I want to play a little lighter this year so I can be faster. Iím 6-foot-6 and about 292 pounds. Iíve been playing at about 305.
If I am going to be playing tackle, which is where Iím listed, I want to be able to get off the ball quicker.
When did you move to tackle (from left guard)?
Coach said I could very well be starting at left guard at the beginning of the season. Summer camp can change everything.
You started early in the year, but then went to backup status. How do you get back into the starting lineup?
I have a clean slate. Thereís a new OC (offensive coordinator) and everything like that. Itís showing that I have that mean streak that I guess others donít see and showing them that itís something that I want and something that Iím fighting for and getting aggressive and getting after it. Staying focused and giving everything that Iíve got.