View Full Version : UA's B Team Pot Smokin' Pedophiles Not Doing Very Well

07-01-2008, 08:09 AM
According to the recent APR scores, it looks like the retards are actually located in Birmingham. Obviously, UA's B team is drawing the finest from around the country. Nice effort Dragons. Sweet article in USA Today (with photo of half empty Legion Field) questioning weather schools like UA's B team actually belong in BCS - they don't.

Another example of why CDOA is not the route to go. The stands are empty and the benches are full of dolts.

Football Scoreboard

Allbarn: 953
UAT: Football 944
Troy: 930
The Sting: 903
Hilljax St.: 883
UA's B Team: 869 (can this team even color between the lines?)

Even Dragon basketball is sub-par. Sure they talk about great recruits, but they fill out their applications in crayon.

UAT: 928
Troy: 916
The Sting: 914
Allbarn: 905
Hilljax St: 862
UA's B Team: 858 (Even dumber than Hilljax St.? How much lower can you get? The answer: None more)

Maybe they ought think about enrolling more 13 year old girls so the players could get "tutored" more.