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05-02-2008, 11:46 AM
Troy University changes tuition structure

By Greg Phillips

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Troy University is changing the way it charges tuition.

The university’s board of trustees unanimously approved a resolution Thursday that changes undergraduate tuition for full-time students from a $2,082 per-semester flat rate to a per-credit hour fee between $170 and $177, depending on the final education budget passed by the Alabama Legislature.

Under the previous structure, part-time students, or those taking between one and 11 credit hours, paid $177 per credit hour. Normal full-time students, or those taking between 12 and 16 credit hours, paid the flat tuition rate of $2,082, while any additional credit hours tacked on an extra $177.

Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. said the switch is unfortunate but necessary.

“We’re facing the biggest decrease in funds in the history of Troy University,” Hawkins said. “We attempt to protect our students. With the lowest FTE (full-time equivalent) funding in the state, we have consistently offered the lowest tuition to students. This is a recommendation that was not made lightly.”

According to Hawkins, about half the university’s students will be affected by the change, with traditional full-time students facing the brunt of the blow.

In addition to the undergraduate tuition change, the graduate tuition rate will be increased from $182 per hour to $200 per hour, and the university will assess an additional $6 to all Alabama campus students to cover three new fees: student service, health center and technology.

The recommendation was made with the assumption that the final budget will feature a 7 percent decline in state appropriations from last year’s $62 million mark.

According to Senior Vice-Chancellor for Financial Affairs Jim Bookout, the proposed $170 per-credit hour charge will generate more than $4 million of additional revenue for the university.

“We would apply the $177 given a worst-case scenario of up to 11 percent appropriations reduction from the State Legislature. That range of $170-$177 depends entirely upon our appropriations decrease,” Bookout said.

Troy undergraduate students taking between one and 12 credit hours will actually see a tuition decrease with the resolution.

An undergraduate taking 12 credit hours under the previous system paid about $174.

The group taking the biggest hit will be those taking between 13 and 16 credit hours, which Bookout said makes up only 30 percent of students at Troy’s Alabama campus students. At Troy-Dothan, for instance, 80 percent of students take between one and 12 credit hours.

The story is a bit different at Troy’s main campus, however, where about 77 percent are full-time students. Those taking the biggest hit by the change will be students taking 16 credit hours, who will pay about $638 more per semester.

“Troy students need to understand the economics of the environment. Students who want to progress at the rate they desire to progress through school will pay the additional cost, or they’ll delay and take fewer hours, though in the end they’ll need the same number of hours to graduate,” Bookout said. “We don’t believe it’ll have that severe of an impact.”

05-02-2008, 12:31 PM
Here is the link to the Troy Messenger article concerning the increase in tuition: Tuition change approved (http://www.troymessenger.com/articles/2008/05/02/news/news02.txt)

I am still amazed at how many Troy citizens slam Troy University so often.