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04-26-2008, 03:45 PM
Bills Grab Cornerback McKelvin

With their first pick the Bills chose to address their defensive needs with the best cornerback still on the board. Buffalo snatched up Troy's Leodis McKelvin who was the first defensive back selection of the draft.

"He has outstanding speed," said Bills scout Joe Haering. "He just jumps off the film."

Haering says the two things he values most in defensive backs is transition or the ability to plant and drive off the back foot and catch up speed. McKelvin has both.

"He has those things," said Haering. "He has transition, the speed, he's an excellent athlete. Even though he's at Troy he played against some very good schools. I saw him the first time against Oklahoma State and he just flew off the film. When he's on the back side in pursuit and coming over the top from the other side to get the angle and prevent the home run, he has unbelievable straight out speed to catch guys."

What makes him even more valuable are his impressive return skills. In fact in Haering's mind it made McKelvin more valuable in his eyes than Tennessee State's Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and South Florida's Mike Jenkins.

"He's an excellent return guy both on kickoff and punts," said Haering. "So a guy with that much speed, transition and he's a return guy he's a top talent."