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12-06-2004, 08:27 PM
So I finally have my airfare lined out to SJ. Flying anywhere TU is playing from Va Beach is for some reason more pricey than going around the world on Concord.

Anyway managed to get a great set of flying times through United (one of the great bankrupt airlines in America) and because of my lofty frequent flier status the young honey at the Bangladesh callcenter asks if I would like to upgrade. Says I "Do I want to upgrade?, are the Kennedy's gunshy??"

So what NIU fan (remote chance that they may be in first class) gets to sit next to me for 4 hours there and back? That will be a hoot to bug the **** out of somebody (which comes easy for me) all the way over the Red States.

The is a God....and he is vengeful on behalf of the Trojans.