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This is awesome.


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Better watch out, he might get sued by SoCal.

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Shooting for the top 5

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Great stuff, that story made me think. We need to have Troy uniforms available with #94, #72, #34 & LT (#1?). We should have these with their names on them for sale.

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That is great stuff right there. Congrats Leo!

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There is also a vote on which cornerback is teh best in the draft in case you might want to vote.

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Great idea O2 Man, however it is probably too good of an idea for our backwater merchandise marketing!

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Scott Cacciatore with his Mock 2008 NFL DRAFT

Of course trying to figure out the NFL draft is an impossible task..but here is my opinion on how things will go down on April 26th in radio city musical in NYC.

1- Jake Long- The Dolphins have been meeting for a week trying to work out a deal for Jake Long. They are not offering as much as the Raiders paid Jamarcus Russell last season and some people thing Long will not sign for less..but its obvious this is who the Dolphins want and I just cant see Jake Long turning down $60 million and the sure chance of being the number 1 overall pick...they will get the deal done and Jake will be a Dolphin..

2- Chris Long - Tough call here but I think Chris Long is the safest pick in the draft and I dont see the Rams passing on him with the second pick.

3- Matt Ryan - I just cant see the Falcons passing on Ryan..after that Vick situation last year they are in desperate need of a cornerstone QB. I am not sure that Ryan is that player but I also dont see Atlanta going in another direction.

4- Glenn Dorsey- Alot of people think the Raiders will take Darren McFadden but its not going to happen as they will either take Gholston or Dorsey..My guess is that it will be Dorsey as he seems to be more of a sure thing even though Gholston probably has more upside. They just gave Fargas a huge long term contract and drafting McFadden just doesnt make much sense for them right now.

5- Brandon Albert- They will probably take Albert or trade down and another team will grab Ellis. The Chiefs desperately need to upgrade their offensive line and Albert is the second best OT in this draft.

6-Darren McFadden- So McFadden falls to the Jets and what do they do?? I actually think the Jets will be in position to draft next seasons best offensive rookie in McFadden or next seasons rookie defensive of the year in Gholston or McKelvin..they probably cant go wrong either way but I just have a feeling that they will take McFadden and behind a much improved offensive line Darren McFadden will become a star quickly in NYC.

7- Leodis McKlevin - The Pats desperately need a CB and McKelvin is going to be a future star both as a CB and also as a punt returner..think Devon Hester but with great cover skills. As a Jets fan I kinda wich they take McKelvin to play opposite Revis and then grab a RB later in the draft but they will probably make that mistake and let the Pats grab the best cornerback in the draft.

9- Vernon Gholston - This guy is going to have 10 sacks next year and be an impact rookie. He fits perfectly into that aggressive blitzing style the Ravens like to play on defense.

9- Sedrick Ellis - Defense, defense, and more defense is what the Bengals need to select in this draft and they start by getting the second best DT in the draft in Ellis.

10- Keith Rivers - Here is where it gets tough but I think they will take Rivers as he is probably the safest LB pick in the draft and will definitely help to improve that weak Saints defense.

11- Devon Thomas- I like Thomas as the pick here to play opposite lee Evans. They could also draft down and grab a good WR later in the first round..tough call here.

12- Ryan Clady -The Denver offensive line used to be a strength but the past two seasons hasnt been as strong as in the past. They grab Clady with the 12th pick. Clady has been moving up the boards and should give the Broncoes a solid young offensive lineman to protect Cutler and open holes for henry.

13- Derrick Harvey- This guy is super fast and him playing opposite Peppers will be a very scary tandem for opposing teams to have to worry about.

14- Chris Williams- Another guy moving up the draft boards..him and Otah are ranked about equal and if Denver takes Williams expect the Bears to take Otah. They need to improve that offensive line. They could also take a RB here as they are not happy with Bensen but the feeling here is that they wait for the second round to grab a RB after being burned with Bensen a few years ago.

15- Rashard Mendenhall- He is aperfect replacement for Kevin Jones...he is not as big or physical as Jones but is a little faster. I think he will fit in nicely and give the Lions a solid running back with excellent pass catching abilities.

16- Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie - Probably the second best CB...they select him to play opposite Rolle.

17- Mike Jenkins- I am personally not in love with this guy even though alot of scouts like him. I saw him a little in college and think he is overrated. I think McKlevin is tons better then any CB in this draft and I think the Vikings are better drafting a WR which they desperately need.

18- Aqib Talib-I think he will end up being the second best CB drafted, however some off field concerns make him slip to the Texans. He will end up being a very good pro, probably better then any corner except from McKlevin.

19- Jerod Mayo- The Eagles really like this guy...he is a playmaking LB from Tennessee and could end up being a surprise of the 1st round.

20- DeSean Jackson- The fastest WR in the draft and I think the Bucs take him to play alongside the aging Galloway...if you saw their playoff game they were pathetic on offense because they have no playmakers. Jackson is small but definitely a playmaker.

21- Philip Merling-Washington needs to improve upfront and Merling is the best DE available...they take him.

22- Felix Jones-A very good inside runner with excellent speed. He averaged over 7 yards per carry at Arkansas while the backup to Darren McFadden. Behind that huge offensive line in Dallas he will be very good.

23- Kentwan Balmar-Noone drafts better then Pittsburgh and Balmer could be a really big find late in the first round. If not Balmer dont be surprised to see them take Gosder Cherilus, OT, BC to help replace the loss of Faneca.

24- Limas Sweed-A tall WR with excellent speed...Sweed in my opinion will be the best overall WR in this draft and would be a steal for the Titans with the 24th pick..as a Jets fan I would love to see this guy last till early second round.

25- Sam Keller -The best TE in this draft and fills a huge hole for the SeaHawks...they are very happy to see him still available.

26- Calais Campbell- He fits the mold of that jacksonville defense...he is active and physical and will be an immediate starter for the Jags.

27- Dan Connor-Alot of people see them taking a RB to replace Turner but I just dont see them using the 1st round pick on a RB when they could just wait till round 2 or 3 and still get a good one to backup LT. Connor is a solid LB that does everything right and had a huge pro day for the scouts...he helps to imrove that very good and young SD defense.

28- James Hardy-Another tall physical WR -- The Cowboys come out of the first round with a bigtime WR and RB to go along with the immense amount of offensive talent they already have on their team...they will be scary good offensively next season.

29- Malcolm Kelly-They desperately need to upgrade at WR and Kelly is a player that they like..I am not sure if hes the best available WR left as I prefer Manningham from Michigan but I think they go with Kelly.

30- Brandon Flowers-Harris and Woodsen are old and Flowers is the best abailable CB..they grab him.

New England- Pick Forfeited

31- Kenny Philips-They will grab a safety at this position..I hear they like Phillips but dont be surprised to see them draft lesser known Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas St.

Well there is my mock 1st round draft - Scott Cacciatore will be hoping the Jets do well - I would like to see the Jets get Mario Manningham in the second round...they would be a huge steal.
Scott Cacciatore will be back for his draft analysis on April 27th

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Wow.. did anyone else notice this guy says that Leodis could very well be the Defensive ROY next year! That is impressive right there!