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  1. Attention Dear Leader: Please Read, File Lawsuit and Form New Conference This Week!!!!
  2. More Conference Shuffling
  3. Conference Shuffling - Part II
  4. The Geography of College Football Fans (and Realignment Chaos)
  5. Conference Shuffling III
  6. Big East to meet tonight
  7. PAC -12 says "not so fast my friend"
  8. East Carolina on the move?
  9. Everyone must be on alert with conference expansion, including UAB and Troy
  10. Potential move of Navy to BigEast
  11. The Way the Belt Should Look
  12. San Jose State to the Sun Belt
  13. What if Sun Belt merged with Big East...
  14. Dear Leader: FIRE DREW CHAMPLIN and Announce New Conference This Week!!!!
  15. SEC to expand beyond 13
  16. Big East presidents OK expansion
  17. Missouri officially "looking around"
  18. TCU to BIG 12
  19. Leaders of shrinking Big East discuss expansion, TCU fallout
  20. Air Force to Big East in football?
  21. Big East eyes expanding football to 12
  22. Conference USA losing UCF (maybe) and gaining who?
  23. Breaking News: Big East invites 4
  24. CUSA/MWC Announcement Tonight
  25. New Big East news
  26. Money has ruined College Football
  27. Boston Globe: Big East plan to save BCS bid now includes entire MWC/CUSA
  28. West Virginia to Big 12
  29. ESPN, Andy Katz report BE, CUSA, MWC possibly meeting Wednesday
  30. Big East to OFFICIALLY invite Schools
  31. Big East FINALLY makes decision
  32. How important is TV market size?
  33. Memphis to the Big East?
  34. joing CUSA
  35. CBS Reporting C-USA and MWC Will Merge in 2013
  36. Sun belt realignment ?
  37. ESPN :Temple to Big East
  38. Should the Sun Belt change name?
  39. Temple joins Big East
  40. SBC, WAC, A-10 schools want into CUSA/MWC
  41. College Conference Realignment: Sun Belt Could Add Charlotte, Merge With WAC
  42. Louisville & BYU Big 12 Future?
  43. Its official sunbelt realignment
  44. SEC, C-USA, Sun Belt and A-Sun commissioners discuss changes to BCS, expansion, agent rules
  45. Breaking down cusa mwc discussions
  46. Official: UTSA to C-USA
  47. Texas State comments
  48. The new sun belt
  49. CUSA to ADD 6 schools
  50. Benson “Tempering” Talk of 12 Football Schools in Sun Belt – From the Bird’s Nest
  51. 7 schools on move today
  52. Sam Houston/Lamar
  53. Talk about a real MESS for the Big East
  54. Louisville wants out of the Big East
  55. Georgia Southern to Sun Belt?
  56. Appalachian State to Sun Belt?
  57. Louisville to Sun Belt?
  58. Jacksonville State to Sun Belt?
  59. Sun Belt will make one more realignment move
  60. ODU to C USA
  61. Benson, SunBelt Expansion Probably this week?
  62. Middle's attempt to get out of Belt
  63. UT Arlington to Sun Belt is Official
  64. Fun Facts of 2012!
  65. Benson makes a statement
  66. Georgia State Come On NOW!!!
  67. Benson explored membership options for league
  68. WAC to drop football after this season.
  69. Georgia Southern votes on move to FBS
  70. Maryland and Rutgers to B1G
  71. Alabama State to Sunbelt?
  72. ECU & Tulane to Big East
  73. Middle Tennessee and FAU gone to C-USA
  74. Sunbelts Looks @ 3 teams
  75. An Argument FOR Lamar to the SunBelt
  76. An argument for Sam Houston State to Sun Belt?
  77. BIG EAST Hit Again
  78. SBC weighing its options for expansion
  79. Georgia Southern: Trying to get support for "move up"
  80. GA Southern and App State
  81. App State Realignment Possibility
  82. GA Southern and NMSU working together?
  83. Smaller conferences crafting plan to share playoff revenue
  84. NMSU and Ga Southern no longer "partners" in Sun Belt talks
  85. More on GSU and Sun Belt speculation
  86. GA State Writer Article on Expansion
  87. Some not happy with possibility of GSU in Sun Belt
  88. Conference expansion talk in Hot Springs, AR
  89. Sun Belt commish addresses league's realignment
  90. Glad FAU is leaving!
  91. Looks like it's happened: Sun Belt to add two new members
  92. Appalachian State leaving Southern Conference for Sun Belt
  93. Sun Belt to add two new members
  94. Report: Appalachian State making leap to Sun Belt Conference, FBS
  95. Old Big East Decision
  96. "Moon Belt" Conference: A Bit of Humor
  97. Sun Belt adds 2 FCS titans, 2 WAC evacuees
  98. WKU denies move to c-usa is a certainty
  99. But then surprise... WKU leaving
  100. Sun Belt may add JMU
  101. Conference Realignment: Sun Belt To Lose Western Kentucky
  102. Sun Belt Commish says WKU bailing is no surprise
  103. Belt to Add Again
  104. Next for the BELT: JMU out - Liberty in
  105. Georgia Southern = Great addition to SBC
  106. Conference USA weighing 16-team model
  107. Conference TV market question
  108. Charleston and State of SC Making Pitch to Sunbelt...for The Citadel?
  109. Sunbelt looks at Illiois State and Indiana State
  110. Just when you thought it might be over...
  111. Sun Belt meetings begin Sunday
  112. Sun Belt Conference meetings to begin Sunday; Conference Realignment may be the focus
  113. Benson's statement on expansion from Destin
  114. Sun Belt expansion delayed
  115. Pursuade ARMY
  116. More realignment moves
  117. Jax State in financial trouble...
  118. Question On Missouri State
  119. The mighty CUSA
  120. 2014 Conferences after realignments
  121. Liberty among 4-6 schools vying for 12th Sun Belt spot
  122. Sun Belt Conference Expansion News
  123. Sun Belt expansion remains unclear
  124. Umass
  125. Current Hot Topic JMU and MSU
  126. James Madison will pass on Sun Belt and FBS move